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Independent on Sunday 1091 – Quixote

Posted by flashling on January 16th, 2011


Quite surprised to realise this is my first post this year. A nice friendly Quixote for our Sunday run-about. Only 7d had me head-scratching for the subsiduary bit although my initial error on 15d did delay the SE corner.

But it was good fun, thanks Quixote. Sorry the blog’s a bit bare – been rather busy recently…


1 Machinations MACH 1 (speed of sound) + NATIONS
9 Vanilla ILL behind VAN + A
10 Entitle Double def
11 Exult EX + U(niversity) + LT (army officer)
12 Baptismal (PSALM A BIT)*
13 Rose-cut (Cryptic) Double Def
15 Spencer PENCE in S(i)R
16 Granges G(ood) + (o)RANGES
17 Gestalt (paintin)G + (LATEST)*
18 Moon River ON (being played) +R 1 in MOVER
20 Ruses R + USES
22 Needles NEEDLES(sly)
23 Laminar ANIMAL rev +  R(uns) Armadillo has plates as well
24 Contaminated (NO ADMITTANCE)*
1 Movie MO + VIE(w)
2 Conquistadores (SO ACQUIRED TONS)*
3 Inlet IN + (toi)LET sea arm
4 Alan Bates (A BANAL SET)*
5 Ice up 1 CUP around E
6 Nattiness (INNS TASTE)*
7 Atomic Mass Unit (ros)AMU(nd) hidden initials, very small amount
8 Cellaret L in (TREACLE)*
13 Regiment I’M in REGENT
14 Cigarillo GI rev + A RILL all in CO
15 Sugar plum (GAL RUMPUS)* not sugar lump as I originally put in
19 Visit VI (six) + SIT
20 Rumen RU + MEN bit of the stomach
21 Shred SH(a)RED

12 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1091 – Quixote”

  1. NealH says:

    I had no problems with 7 down, but for some reason the idea of dropping the first 3 letters rather than the last 3 didn’t occur to me in 3 down, so I was looking for words for loo that were let???.

  2. flashling says:

    @healh Re 3dn it’s a bit unusual for the first bit to be missing but luckily I saw it reasonably quickly after going through the same process as you.

  3. Robi says:

    Thanks Quixote and flashling.

    Didn’t like ‘wet arm’ for inlet; why not ‘sea arm’ as in your blog, or would that be too obvious?

    I, too, put sugarlump at first until it didn’t fit with the across clues. Thanks for explaining what Rosamund was doing in 7; I assumed it must have been some obscure literary reference. I thought of putting in ‘cigarette’ at first for 14, but realised that didn’t match the wordplay.

    This is my first go at a Sunday Independent – I’m more of an Every man. You less ten-zero enjoyable.

  4. flashling says:

    Welcome to our club Robi, do keep coming back. Flashling. PS I agree about 3dn which is why I put the little remark in, but Quixote is the one to ask really. Not sure I get your last line though? Perhaps I’m being dumb – not unusual!

  5. Scarpia says:

    Thanks flashling.
    Only recently started doing these,as I don’t buy the IOS so am a week late tackling them.
    They seem a bit easier than Quixote’s weekday Indy puzzles but usually with a couple of difficult to parse clues thrown in e.g. 7 down.
    I’m another who put SUGARLUMP at first.
    Favourites for me were 1 across and the nice anagram at 24.
    Re Robi’s comment – Qui(xo)te – less ten zero.

  6. flashling says:

    Hi Scarpia, don’t ever actually remember Quixote or his other identities doing a week day puzzle for the Indy but could be wrong. Thanks for the explaination over Robi’s comment – It’s been a long weekend and I’ve spent too long on a train trying to do a Beelzebub, my excuse and I’m sticking to it :-). I’ll shut up now…

  7. Scarpia says:

    Hi flashling,you’re right of course,I must be getting confused by the Don’s many identities.
    Time I went to bed!

  8. nmsindy says:

    Not entirely wrong, Quixote was one of the regular weekday Indy setters before the IoS was launched (in 1990). He then moved to that and is still there of course and ceased appearing in the weekday Indy.

  9. flashling says:

    Hmm, I remember Portia, Aquila, Aelred, Mass and Lucifer at the the time. All now sadly missed. Perhaps a DM persona was there – but it was twenty odd years ago. I know Mass still does IOS concise stuff. Lucifer – I don’t think I ever got more than 3 answers on his. They were my introduction to Cryptics so thanks to them wherever they are.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Yes, they were a great collection of setters with their puzzles reviving a dormant interest in crosswords – it was a deliberate policy at the newly-launched Indy to promote their crossword. I think there were eight pseudonyms that appeared at that time – the five you mention, Quixote, Marcy (who set the first Indy puzzle) and Albipedius. I think Lucifer (who I agree was very hard) and Albipedius may have been the same setter, now sadly passed on, as have Aquila and Marcy. Mass sets the occasional cryptic but I think may be very closely involved with the concise puzzle and maybe others at the Indy behind the scenes.

  11. walruss says:

    Yes NMS, I am sure I have solved a Mass puzzle in the Indy. He is not frequent though by any means, although the ones we have right now are pretty darn good. Cheers.

  12. nmsindy says:

    Mass was one of the Indy regulars for many, many, years, a great setter, especially skilled at exploiting all the various meanings of words in the English language and putting them into a totally fair, but often very difficult, clue. Appearances in recent years have been rarer, 3 in each of 2008 and 2009 and 2 last year (2010). He is also well-known for his puzzles in the themed crossword area, Listener etc, and was once editor of the series in the Saturday Indy which has now become Inquisitor.

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