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Financial Times 13,596 / Gaff

Posted by smiffy on 20th January 2011


A prodigious amount of thematic material has been skilfully shoe-horned into this commemorative puzzle.  This appears to be Gaff’s debut (oh go on then, inaugural!) appearance in the FT although I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility of a more familiar hand under a temporary pseudonym, similar to appearances by Courtier around Wimbledon fortnight.  I was fortunate to rumble the theme extremely quickly –  residing in the subject’s hometown, where the local media have been indulging in extensive coverage during the build-up to today’s anniversary, certainly helped.

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Guardian 25,224 by Rover

Posted by PeterO on 20th January 2011


A very mixed bag. Lots of simple anagrams, with various anagrinds, some more satisfactory than others. Most of the rest are equally simple constructions, so that the puzzle starts to shape up as Quiptic level; but then there are a handful of clues that leave me quite baffled.

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Independent 7570/Nimrod

Posted by John on 20th January 2011


My face fell when up came the name Nimrod. He is just terribly difficult. I can’t quite see why, because in most cases the clues can easily be explained; in fact they are often very good and I ought to enjoy it — after all, that’s why we do crosswords — for the enjoyment. But I’m afraid I find it all rather a struggle, as I did here.

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Financial Times 13,587 / Dante

Posted by Agentzero on 20th January 2011


My first prize puzzle blog — I hope someone reads it!

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Financial Times 13,586 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on 20th January 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of January 8
Cinephile gives us a few fine clues here, 1-18A (STANDING OVATION), 10A (DISARM) and 1D (SUPINE). And a couple of unconventional clues that I like, notably 15D (PRIME TIME). Then there are a couple that I am unsure about: 16A (ENTERIC) 27A (ANGSTROM). And one, 6D (INITIATED), that I do not understand.

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