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Independent 7,571/Phi

Posted by Ali on 21st January 2011


This is the first Indy daily puzzle I’ve had chance to look at this week, any spare time I’ve had having been eaten up trying to get to grips with last week’s Inquisitor (set by Phi). I finally cracked that last night, so it’s a diet of just Phi for me this week!

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Guardian 25,225 – Chifonie

Posted by Andrew on 21st January 2011


I filled in the bottom half of this very quickly, the NE corner slightly less so; the NW corner took me longest (apart from the very easy 1ac), though for no good reason that I can see looking back at it, apart from the obscure meaning at 3dn. A pleasant enough puzzle, but rather too many very obvious clues (1ac, 12ac, 21ac etc), and a couple of possibly dodgy abbreviations (14ac and 19dn).

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Financial Times 13,597 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on 21st January 2011


Nice and simple with many clues solved in the first pass. The rest fell smoothly as well with some lookups mostly in the top-right corner. An enjoyable puzzle; my only gripe is with the girl names in the wordplay [25a, 18d] which leave the possible fits too wide open.

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