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Financial Times 13,601 by ALBERICH

Posted by PeeDee on 26th January 2011


Quite a tricky puzzle to finish, the bottom left corner had me stuck for quite a while.  Lots of nice clues with some nice & Lits.  I thought 27 across  was nicely crafted, and 14dn made me smile too.

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Guardian 25,229 – Gordius

Posted by manehi on 26th January 2011


Solved most of this quickly but couldn’t get a foothold in the NW for a good while. Some nice clues (26d my favourite), but some (6d, 14d) were a bit shaky.

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Independent 7575/Dac

Posted by John on 26th January 2011


As usual a lovely crossword from Dac, who week after week shows that it is not necessary to have difficult clues, simply ones that are perfectly formed. In fact the clues are so smooth and require so little comment, apart from  a comment on their excellence perhaps , that  I don’t expect there to be many people posting today.

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Inquisitor 1160: How Many? by Phi

Posted by HolyGhost on 26th January 2011


With hindsight, quite a tame one from Phi.
A number of answers, with a common feature, are entered in an unusual manner, implying a numerical value for a letter of the alphabet.

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