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Inquisitor 1160: How Many? by Phi

Posted by HolyGhost on January 26th, 2011


With hindsight, quite a tame one from Phi.
A number of answers, with a common feature, are entered in an unusual manner, implying a numerical value for a letter of the alphabet.

With nearly 80% of the grid filled I still hadn’t come across any of the ‘specials’. Then I got HARD TIMES, the novel at 6a, to be entered as HAR-HAR, quickly followed by PASTIMES, to be entered as PA-PA-PA-PA-PA at 13a. So, the common feature is TIMES, implying D=2 and S=5. Without too much extra effort, I discovered SOMETIMES (SOM-SOM-SOM) for 15d (so E=3) and CENTIMES (CE-CE-CE-CE) for 19d (N=4). That’s it. The clued answer containing only those particular letters of the alphabet in numerical order is DENS at 28d (not SEND at 17a; nor indeed ENDS at 27a, as noted in comment 4).

Still don’t understand the wordplay for REASONER (10d): “This careful thinker, if ignoring sound measure, would be a pray!”; the surface doesn’t even seem English – “pray” as a noun? A few other quibbles, noted below: (22a) BLOUSON for “hoodie?”; (4d) “cuisinier’s” to indicate French; (21d) COLITIS as a “stomach complaint”.

No. Answer
1 RESENT REST(=others) around EN (=nut {printing})
HAR 2 times, D=2
11 HA’IT HIT (=success) around A (=one)
12 FREDAINE FINE (=admirable) around RED (=revolutionary) & A (=one)
SAP (=student) around EMITS (=issues) rev.
PA 5 times, S=5
14 AT IT TITAN (=imposing figure) – N(ame) rev.
16 INKS (s)INKS (=fails to float)
17 SEND SENDAL (=thin fabric) – A & L(ength)
18 OURIE O(ld) + URINE (=water) – N(ew)
21 CITROËN COEN (=US film director) around IT & R(ight)
22 BLOUSON B(ritish) + LOUTS (=yobs) – T(ime) + ON (=with respect to)
{never seen a blouson with a hood}
25 TOLLS Double definition
26 NE’ER REEN (=ditch) rev.
27 ENDS (t)ENDS (=looks after)
29 TECH TEC (=detective, =eye) H(ospital)
31 CLOISTERED CLOD (=fool) around I (=one) & STERE (=quantity of wood)
32 TYPTOING [TOP]* & IN & G(reek) after T(ense) & Y(ear)
33 SECO SECO(nds) (=supporters)
34 SPASMS SPA (=well) + SMS (=short message service)
35 SITREP I (one) in STREP (=streptococcus, =bacterium)
No. Answer
1 RHEA HEAR (=try), R to top
2 EASTERLY EA(ch) + SISTERLY (=of nuns) – IS
3 SIPING SIP (=drink) + IN + (snu)G
4 ÉTAT EAT (=food, archaic) around (gourme)T
{“cuisinier’s” simply seems to indicate French}
5 TRAM MART (=market) rev.
6 HEPARIN HEARIN(g) (=court session) around P(hosphorous)
7 ADAMITISM AM(erican) around DAM (=restraint) & IT & IS
8 RAPIERS RA (=Royal Artillery) + PIERS (=supports)
9 HIANT HINT (=suggestion) around A(ustralian)
10 REASONER SONE (=sound measure) in REAR (=buttocks, =prat)
{don’t understand “would be a pray”}
{typo for “prat” – see comment 1}
STIMES (=peers, Scottish) around OME(n) (=threat)
SOM 3 times, E=3
17 SUBJECTS U(nitarians) & B(aptists) & J(esuits) in SECTS (=religious groups)
CE (=this, French) + T(ime) in NIMES (=French town)
CE 4 times, N=4
20 OUTSITS [TITUS OATES – ATE (=worried)]*
21 COLITIS COLT (=youngster) & IS around I (one)
{colitis is inflammation of the large intestine, not the stomach}
23 FEEDER FEE (=charge) + DEAR (=expensive) – A (=one)
24 L-DOPA A + POD (=school) + L (=learner =student)
28 DENS DEANS (=college fellows) – A (=article)
29 TEST (firs)T + SET (=part of match) rev.
30 HOOP HOOP-LA (=excitement) – LA (=the, French)


5 Responses to “Inquisitor 1160: How Many? by Phi”

  1. Phi says:

    10d – one key to the left in ‘pray’ gives you ‘prat’ – typo’s in my original, so mea culpa. (spellcheckers never spot this sort of error, do they?!)

    Cuisinier’s – yep, indicating Frenchiness
    Stomach – C justifies loose usage as ‘belly’, and I guess most would identify colitis as being in the tummy area
    Blouson – again there’s a fairly loose concept here, with even C defining blouson as windcheater (while blaming the French for it), and then windcheater as anorak. Not too anorakky to conjecture a hood here, I feel.

  2. Hi of Hihoba says:

    I found the theme late, like Holyghost, but found it very satisfying when I did!

    I had the same quibbles as Holyghost – I did think that the grammar was peculiar in 10D, but never thought of a misprint!

    My main quibble, though, was the double definition at 25A. I am far from clear that “the cost in damage, injury or lives;” (Ch) equates to “injured parties” (Phi)

  3. Mike Laws says:

    Phi – not entirely your fault, I should have spotted the typo. Quis custodiet…

  4. Ali says:

    Add me to the ‘got the theme late on’ group. Probably about the same point as the penny dropped with Phi’s Slim Dusty puzzle in fact!

    A very nice puzzle though, particuarly the CITROEN clue. I’ve only just spotted now that ENDS and SEND also appeared as possible pitfalls. Vety nice.

  5. Scarpia says:

    Thanks HolyGhost.
    Another very enjoyable Inquisitor.
    My heart sank on reading the rubric and seeing there was a numerical quality to the puzzle – I thought Phi’s ‘Hard Going’ puzzle was just that!
    I was another who found the theme late and ‘Hard Times’ was the clue that opened it up for me.
    Couldn’t work out the wordplay for 10 down – I now see it’s a misplaced clue from a Grauniad puzzle.
    Also wondered if 2345 was a significant number but 234 x 5 is 1170,10 numbers on from this puzzle.

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