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Independent 7572 by Nestor (Saturday Prize Puzzle 22 January 2011)

Posted by twencelas on January 29th, 2011


Welcome to my first blog of the Independent’s Saturday prize crossword. A very enjoyable puzzle from Nestor – not too taxing, but not without some head scratching (most notably explaining 4dn).  A bit of a cycling theme to boot. Also, a blessed relief, for my first blog of this puzzle, in so much as the clues were n’t too complex.

As to my favourites among the clues – 8dn was very elegant in its cryptic complexity, whilst 7dn and 15ac were at the other end of the cryptic spectrum, but equally satisfying in their simplicity.

All in all a pleasure to solve and blog.


Bold = answer
* Anagram
Rev (reversed)
DD – Double Definition


No. Derivation of answer Definition in clue
1 (planets near suns – r {source of religious})* = UNPLEASANTNESS Discord
10 N (new) + Rev{semi (house)} = NIMES French city
11 Train – n (reduced rail service) + like around b (bus initially) = TRAIL BIKE Transport in scramble  i.e. bike scrambling
12 D (bird’s tail) + in (popular) + in (covered) + groom (curry) = DINING ROOM Where to eat
13 Lido (public pool) with opening (l) delayed = IDOL One admired
15 Mull (deliberate) + ET (flick i.e. film) = MULLET Hairstyle
17 (one is had)* = ADHESION Sticking with
19 Nelly (fool) detaining duke – u (upper class) = NED KELLY Victorian rebel
20 DD Disconnect problem (telephone) and Emotional source Hang-up
22 Hidden sol[ID EA]rth Formed in the head?
23 (winslet not)* = TINSELTOWN (Kate) Winslet not out of place here?
26 N (name) + Umberto (Umberto Eco – author) around h (first helper) = NUMBER TWO Wife/ Whole clue
27 Textile – tt (no time at all) = EXILE To send away
28 Lance Arm Strong (Cryptic for Jousting practice!) = LANCE ARMSTRONG Champion rider (Multi Tour de France winner


No. Derivation of answer Definition in clue
2 Nan (grandma) hugs Rev(my (fancy) ) = NYMAN (Michael) English Composer
3 Loess – s (fine soil mostly) around sang (grassed) and el (US railway)
23’s city (ie Tinseltown – Hollywood)
4 ARTERY (Cryptic indication of Art – ery as a place for creative endeavour?) Major route
5 An (one article) + and (with) + a (another) around co (firm) = ANACONDA Snake
6 T (temperature) + old (from an earlier period) = TOLD Revealed
7 (God live in)* = EVIL DOING – Delightful clue in my opinion Sin
8 (isles ten hand)* around Rev(op – work) = SHETLAND PONIES Isle’s ten hand (as in horse size) Whole clue
9 (onlinemediason)* = ONE DIMENSIONAL Superficial
14 D (daughter) + era(age) + ill (badly) + Rev (rue – regret) = DERAILLEUR Device for 28 (cyclist)
16 Lama (priest) cages dies (languishes) and n (knight) = LADIES MAN Wolf (proverbial sense)
18 C (cold) + loiter (loaf) around s (shop initially) Shut up
21 Fs (female) + tops (superb) = F-STOPS Settings for snapper (photographer)
24 On (working) around Rio (South American port) = ORION Stars
25 T (time) splits fee (payment) = FETE Gala


12 Responses to “Independent 7572 by Nestor (Saturday Prize Puzzle 22 January 2011)”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Great blog, twencelas, great puzzle, maybe a shade easier than some Indys from Nestor. As you say, 7D was excellent and 16D was another I liked a lot.

  2. sidey says:

    A pleasant solve. Thaks for the blog twenceslas. There is a slight mistake in 26, the definition is ‘first helper’, the ‘w’ in two is wife.

  3. sidey says:

    I did preview that, honest.

    Thanks twencelas.

  4. scchua says:

    Thanks twencelas for the blog, and Nestor, for an easier than usual puzzle (ie. a Nestor I could complete in a relatively good time).

    Favourites were 28A TINSELTOWN, a nice &lit, 8D SHETLAND PONIES, another &lit with “strains” cleverly standing for the anagrind as well as part of the definition (as in “animal breeds”), and 16D LADIES MAN, with a less common equivalence for “priest”.

  5. jmac says:

    Thanks for the blog Twencelas. Agree with other comments that this was a very good puzzle. Re 4 down, though, I feel that your explanation seems slightly whimsical for Nestor. I can’t explain it but felt that it had possibly something to do with “arty” for “creative endeavour”.

  6. twencelas says:

    Jmac – I agree with you doubts on my explanation of 4dn. Any suggestions welcome?

  7. twencelas says:

    Sidley – Thanks for pointing out my error in 26ac.

  8. Allan_C says:

    Welcome, twencelas, and congratulations on your first blog.

    I couldn’t parse 4dn properly either. Thought ‘endeavour’ might have something to do with E as in E Morse (Colin Dexter’s crossword-solving detective) and/or ‘ry’ might represent ‘railway’ as a major(?) route but couldn’t reconcile either of those ideas with the construction of the clue. So I think your idea is the best.

  9. scchua says:

    Hi twencelas. Your #6, re 4D ARTERY. My interpretation is same as yours: “place set aside for creative endeavour (ie. art)” with the question mark (indicating a somewhat loose origin) = ART + ERY, as in words like “eatery”, “creamery”, “cattery”, “colliery” which are all places for ie. “eats”, “cream”, “cats”, “coal”.

  10. rodders says:

    I thought three down was the trickiest – does sang really equate to grassed ?
    And need some USA knowledge to know about ” L ” in Chicago.

  11. flashling says:

    My take on 4d was a blood vessel (route) from the heart – with heart often a source of inspiration. Still otherwise a nice solvable puzzle on a saturday for a change. Hope the S&B attendees had fun.

  12. Polly says:

    Welcome to the fold, twencelas, and thank you for the blog. My parsing of 26 across differs a little from #2: ‘name – Eco’s first’ = N UMBERTO, containing W(ife), to fit the definition ‘helper’.

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