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Beelzebub 1,093 (30/01/11)

Posted by Simon Harris on 6th February 2011

Simon Harris.

A relatively tractable solve for the most part this week, with some rather playful clueing. I did have to check a small number of entries in Chambers though. Finally, 20dn required some creative web searching, as I hadn’t heard of the writer, and was familiar with neither component of the wordplay.

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Independent on Sunday 1094: Quixote

Posted by jetdoc on 6th February 2011


The usual relatively easy Sunday solve from Quixote. And a rather hurried blog from me. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyman No. 3357 (30th January)

Posted by The Trafites on 6th February 2011

The Trafites.

Nick:  It’s me doing the blog this week, as Lorraine is a bit busy, but reading her notes, this weeks was pretty tough.

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Genius 91 by Tramp

Posted by bridgesong on 6th February 2011


Solving time : about a day and a half. I found this hard, partly because of a grammatical error in the instructions which made them more obscure than was necessary. There were two elements to this puzzle; first the cryptic parts of the clues were swapped round within the four groups. Second, the cryptic parts of the clues did not relate to the initial letters of the solutions. In the event, I found the only way to get started was to guess some of the definitions and try and find confirmation from the cryptic elements of other clues. Once I had successfully done this and noticed that the initial letters were not included in the cryptic elements, the penny finally dropped. I didn’t help myself by wrongly guessing that “motorway junction” in 6 down was a definition of “cloverleaf”.

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Azed 2018

Posted by John on 6th February 2011


Azed’s Plains are usually done at one sitting, even though that sitting can be very long indeed. This time. however, there were several clues that gave me trouble, both in getting them in the first place and then in parsing them. There are still one or two about which I’m not quite comfortable, but at least the list is shorter than it once was. Apart from an apparent example of Homer nodding in one clue (and even then I’m quite likely to be wrong: in such Azedian cases I usually am) the wordplay is consistently excellent and fair, as one of course expects from Azed. Read the rest of this entry »

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