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Independent on Sunday 1094: Quixote

Posted by jetdoc on February 6th, 2011


The usual relatively easy Sunday solve from Quixote. And a rather hurried blog from me.

6 SCHOLASTIC Hot classic in translation – it’s educational
*(Hot classic)
9 NAIL Slow creatures shedding outer coverings (hard plate)
[s]NAIL[s]. NAIL in the sense of fingernail or toenail.
10 QUIBBLER Disputant puts question to vicar finally about Bible not being inerrant
QU = question; R = vicar finally; *(Bible). ‘Not being inerrant’ (i.e. being errant) is the anagram indicator.
11 MOONIE Member of sect, I’m one sadly without love
*(I’m not); O = love. The Moonies
12 GENERAL-PURPOSE Like a nonspecific tool that could make one grapple? Sure
*(one grapple sure)
13 RODNEY Boy given the stick, having ache after bending over
ROD = stick; YEN = ache (longing), reversed
15 HI-TECH Sexologist and companion using the latest gadgets?
Shere HITE; CH = Companion [of Honour]
17 REPRESENTATION One interprets a strange painting?
*(One interprets a)
21 LITCHI Fruit, one given to learner having hunger
L = learner; ITCH = hunger; I = one. Alternative spelling of lychee
22 WHIPLASH Wife has worried about joint that’s left with injury
W = wife; HIP = joint; L = left; *(has). An injury to the neck caused by the sharp forwards-and-backwards wrenching it suffers in a vehicle collision
23 TRIO Small group in civil unrest, the one at the back coming right forward
RIOT, with the R coming to the front
24 ESSENTIALS Lassie sent out to get required items
*(Lassie sent)
1 SCOURGER One to punish son (gosh!) having inner impulse
S = son; COR = gosh! URGE = impulse
2 BONBON Sweet VIP repeatedly turning up
NOB, reversed, twice
3 STEROL Alcohol left at back of untidy store
L = left; *(store). A solid higher alcohol, such as cholesterol or ergosterol
4 UNCOUPLE Separate from member of family outside publishing house
UNCLE, outside OUP (Oxford University Press)
5 SIRIUS A star – what we heard someone on tennis court couldn’t be?
Sounds (more or less) like “serious”. John McEnroe famously said “You cannot be serious!” to an umpire during a match at Wimbledon in 1981.
7 AS LARGE AS LIFE A fearless gal, a revolutionary – one bound to be real and vibrant
*(A fearless gal a), containing I = one
8 COMMUNICATION Message in church service interrupted by one moggy
COMMUNION (holy communion, a church service); I CAT = one moggy
14 DIRECTOR As leader of firm, I had upset someone with a sermon?
I’D (I had) reversed; RECTOR = a clergyman (one with a sermon)
16 HONESTLY Fairly pious when outside the home
HOLY = pious; NEST = home. ‘Fairly’ is the definition.
18 EMIGRE One abandoning the country? It’s little good being stuck in English mud
G = little good; E = English; MIRE = mud
19 NEWISH Desire of people in Gateshead maybe no longer quite what it was?
Gateshead is in the north-east (NE) of England, so their desire could be an ‘NE wish’.
20 INLAID One leading the Netherlands needing help (‘not outstanding’)
I = one; NL = Netherlands (IVR); AID = help. The definition is ‘not outstanding’.

3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1094: Quixote”

  1. Robi says:

    Thanks Quixote and jetdoc for a good blog. :)
    Having a bit of time today, this is the first time I’ve looked at the Sunday Indy. Seemed quite easy, especially with all the anagrams. I have never seen LITCHI before as an alternative to ‘lychee.’

    I put in RODGER at first for 13 😉

  2. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks for the blog, Jetdoc, and Quixote for the puzzle. Like Robi at comment #1, I found it quite an easy puzzle, but also got stuck at 13 across for a while before realising it was RODNEY.

  3. Scarpia says:

    Thanks jetdoc.
    Found this one straightforward as well.I think the aim is to be the Sindy version of the Everyman puzzle and it fits the bill perfectly.Flawlessly clued,with the usual excellent surfaces.
    Thanks Quixote.

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