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Guardian Quiptic 586 / Beale

Posted by Big Dave on February 7th, 2011

Big Dave.

While I enjoyed this puzzle, I thought it was a bit on the hard side for a Quiptic.

All definitions given are from Chambers 11th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. UNI(versity).


1a STEREOTYPED Put a hack, as in a type of horse, around (introduced) an anagram (foreign) of POETRY to get a word meaning cliched!

9a CHEERIO A cryptic definition of an informal goodbye

10a ABSTAIN A word meaning to not get involved is generated by putting a slur after A and B (head Boy)

11a COCKTAILS These drinks containing spirits are created by putting CO (company / firm) in front of an anagram (engineer) of LACKS IT

12a OCCUR A word meaning to result or happen is generated by putting OUR around (accepting) CC (cubic centimetre / a quantity

13a PATH This course comes from an anagram (to change) of APT followed by H(our)

14a UNIMPAIRED A word meaning whole or not damaged is a charade of UNI(versity) MP (politician) and AIRED (broadcast)

16a SPELLCHECK A charade of SPELL (time) and CHECK (to limit) gives this computer program

19a LIMP A disability is hidden inside (some) overalL IMPact

21a ENACT A verb meaning to play is a charade of E N (points of the compass) and an ACT (sham}

22a POP SINGER This performer is built up from POPS IN (goes home) followed by REG (man) reversed (on the rebound)

24a GRIMACE A cryptic definition of a twisted expression on a person’s face or possibly just a straight definition in true Quiptic style – I considered a charade of GRIM (bitter) and ACE (sweet / excellent) as an &Lit, but if it is I don’t like it

25a ALLOWED This word meaning conceded is a charade of ALL (everyone) and OWED (was in debt)

26a THE OTHER DAY A phrase meaning recently comes from an anagram (spin) of HE HATED TORY


1d SPEECH THERAPIST This health professional is a charade of SPEECH (statement) and THE RAPIST (sex offender)

2d EGRET Take REGRET (shame) and remove the R (Run away) to get this bird (one with bill)

3d EMOTION Start with the final letter of thE and add MOTION (gesture) to get a feeling

4d TRANSOM An anagram (off) of most ran gives this bar

5d PASTORAL Combine PAST and ORAL(reportedly did well in exam / passed oral) to get an adjective meaning about the countryside

6d DUAL CARRIAGEWAY DUAL (double) followed by an anagram (drunkenly) of A RACY WAGER around (including) I (one) gives this road

7d ICECAP Put IE (is est / that is) around C(aught) and add CAP (cover) to get a very cold place

8d SNORED An anagram (upset) of SON followed by RED (embarrassed) gives “made a noise while asleep”

15d FLATMATE This living companion is an anagram (complication) of MET with FATAL

16d SLEDGE A form of transport for travelling over snow is a charade of S(outhern) L(ake) and EDGE (border)

17d HIPPEST this adjective meaning most current is built up from HI (greeting) PP (very quietly) and an anagram (out) of SET

18d CUPCAKE Put a CUE (reminder) around (to bring) an anagram (variety) of PACK to get this teatime treat

20d PARADE Reverse (setback) ED (chap) and A RAP (a hit) to get this show

23d IDLED This word meaning did little is a charade of ID (credentials) L (Learner / student) and ED (editor / journalist)

9 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 586 / Beale”

  1. pommers says:

    Hi there BD

    Agree it’s a little harder than normal for a Quiptic and I have to admit defeat! Just couldn’t see 16a even with all the checking letters – Doh! A senior moment or some such!

    I actually found the Rufus easier than this one.

    Enjoyed the puzzle so thanks to Beale (a new setter for me) and to you for the review.

  2. crypticsue says:

    This is the second week running that the Quiptic has been, IMHO, a little harder than the earlier puzzles. However, it was enjoyable. Thanks Beale and BD.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Big Dave. I did enjoy this one, but agree with you that it’s at the hard end of the Quiptic scale. But it’s all fairly clued, there are no overelaborate constructions, and apart from (for me) TRANSOM, no unusual words (and that was a clear anagram, so fair play).

    I think GRIMACE is as you describe it – GRIM + ACE; I quite liked it. Other clues that hit the spot today were COCKTAILS and EGRET.

    I’ll contradict myself by saying that in fact perhaps 17dn is a bit elaborate; and for me, HIPPEST doesn’t mean ‘most current’. I would say it meant ‘most popular’. The Conservative-led coalition is the current government, but it’s not necessarily popular. Especially if you have a daughter called Kathryn who’s paying student fees.

    Whatever, thanks to Beale for a soundly-clued and pleasing puzzle.

  4. Robi says:

    Thanks Beale for an enjoyable puzzle; better than the Cryptic today. Thanks also to Big Dave for his good blog.

    Was I the only one to put in SPEEDCHECK for 16a before correcting to SPELLCHECK? The former just about parses also with the clue, although maybe a speed check on a computer is not exactly a program.

    I, of course, put in ‘goodbye’ for 9 at first until the crossing letters did not agree. I liked some of these clues, particularly 2 and 22. 😀

  5. Tokyocolin says:

    Thanks Big Dave. This was a tale of two halves for me. As usual I attempted all the Across clues first from which I managed about 3 answers and was convinced this was a stinker and absurdly difficult for a Quiptic. But even with very few crossing letters I solved every Down clue first up and then went back to complete the Acrosses without difficulty. So all done in under 15 mins.

    I am curious if anyone else found the Across clues much harder than the Downs.

  6. Angstony says:

    I don’t think it was too hard for a Quiptic. But as others have mentioned, today’s Rufus was certainly much easier. One wonders whether the editor maybe got the two mixed up.

    My only complaint with this one would be the use of “setback” in 20dn, as “_back_” reversal indicators seem as inappropriate to me in down clues, as “_up_” reversal indicators are in across clues. But I’m just a beginner so what do I know?

  7. PeterO says:

    Thanks for the blog,Big Dave. I agree with Tokyocolin that the across clues make it seem more difficult than it turnrd out to be. For 16A I needed all the checked letters, and then my first thought was SHELLSHOCK. Well, it fits.

  8. Derek Lazenby says:

    A better crossword maybe, but not a wonderful Quiptic. Definitely harder than Rufus.

    As noted 9 was ambiguous and elsewhere the indirections won’t have helped the beginners.

  9. blaise says:

    Top marks to Big Dave for the elegance of his explanations. I’d definitely recommend this blog to people getting started with cryptics!

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