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Independent 7,584 by Nimrod (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 05/02/11)

Posted by Simon Harris on 12th February 2011

Simon Harris.

I regularly used to struggle with Nimrod puzzles when I was blogging the daily Independent puzzles, and it’s nice to see that some things don’t change.

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Enigmatic Variations No.952 – Time To Wrap Up by Syd Lexis

Posted by Mister Sting on 12th February 2011

Mister Sting.

Not too tricky this week and a nice note for what was hopefully the last bit of winter.

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Guardian Prize 25,238 / Brummie

Posted by Eileen on 12th February 2011


I think I’ve said before that I’m always a little apprehensive when I see Brummie’s name on a puzzle that I’m about to solve, let alone blog. However, it fairly quickly all came together, although it wasn’t immediately obvious, from the first themed answer that I solved [CAGE] that this one was based on composers [my first thought was actors] – and I’m afraid that I wasn’t familiar with quite all of them, so had to resort to Google. About two thirds of the way through, I realised that all the themed words, as well as being the names of composers, were ‘normal’ words. This proved the puzzle to be a real tour de force, as it rang a bell, as I remembered a similar one, with actors’ names, so I did some research in the archive and found that not only was the one I was thinking of also by Brummie but that he had done at least a couple more: 24,821 [artists] and 25,011 [comedians]

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