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Enigmatic Variations No.952 – Time To Wrap Up by Syd Lexis

Posted by Mister Sting on February 12th, 2011

Mister Sting.

Not too tricky this week and a nice note for what was hopefully the last bit of winter.

An awful lot of Scots, too (though, as per usual, nothing that any real Scottish people actually say with any frequency) – perhaps something to do with Burns’ day?

One of the first parts of the message that appeared as I was solving was …P___R ROBIN and, as a result, I spent a little time thinking this was going to have something to do with Christopher Robin and trying to recall some non-existent rhyme about him. Happily, though, I was soon shaken out of this foolishness and found that the lines in fact form part of the following:

The north wind doth blow
And we shall have snow
And what will poor Robin do then, poor thing?

He’ll sit in a barn
And keep himself warm
And hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

Unclued 12dn was WEATHERCOCK and, appropriately, we have N E S & W in the places that you might reasonably expect them.

The extra letter was an R, giving ‘ROBIN’ in ‘BARN’ and ‘R’ (his head) under HIS WING.

My sole, tiny quibble is that, in 40dn, ‘moderations’ is given where, I think, ‘moderation’ is intended.

XXXX* = anagram
< = reversal
xxx = unused letter(s)
WIN = letters additional letters insubsidiary indication

2 CORDINER Old snob breaks record, with win? (8) old snob: [RECORD + WIN]*
E 9 SRI ‘Sire’ could be a title of great respect (3) title of great respect: SIRE*
S 11 AULA Man who’s asked for a hall (4) hall: SAUL [meaning ‘asked’ or ‘desired’] + A
Who hesitates to hide weeds (4) weeds: wHOHESitates
A 15 PREDECEASE Go earlier, cut edge of declaration and make less difficult (10) go earlier: PARE (cut) + DEC (edge of declaration) + EASE (make less difficult)
L 16 DEARTH Daughter’s in Scotland to teach the local scarcity (6) scarcity: D (daughter) + LEAR (in Scotland to teach) + TH (the local)
L 19 INERT Passive? Fisherman’s tense! (5) passive: LINER (fisherman) + T (tense)
Bones ones in hip shrank regularly (4) bones: OneSinHipShrAnk
A 22 TITULAR Scots pinch university lecturer, Arabian holy personage, naming church (7) holy personage, naming church: TAIT (Scots pinch) + U (university) + L (lecturer) + AR (Arabian)
Fashionably lavish with one missing upset in theatrical award (8) fashionably: ins. of LAViSH* in TONY (theatrical award)
24 BEER Live before porter (4) porter: BE (live) + ERE (before)
S 25 WINDOW Mines in Scotland can foil strips used to protect Wellingtons (6) foil strips used to protect Wellingtons [bombers]: WINS (mines in Scotland) + DOW (can)
N 27 ESSIVE Closed, hand holding spades succeeded in case (6) case: ins. of SS (spades) in NEIVE (closed hand)
Med sea lacks northern protuberances (4) protuberances: IONIAn (med sea lacks northern)
W 30 BIRDCAGE Having big card, we disrupted paddock (8) paddock: BIGCARDWE*
Opportunist’s vehicle crossing curved rise (7) opportunist: ins. of HANCE (curved rise) in CAR (vehicle)
Tyneside meadow’s no doorway for Ian (4) doorway for Ian: ING (Tyneside meadow) + NO
36 DEBAR Dread getting upset about book to exclude (5) ins. of B (book) in DREAD*
37 BINNED Penny once in bed, is rejected (6) ins. of WINN (penny once) in BED
39 EGG CUSTARD Having rugged chats, prepared creme dish (10, 2 words) creme dish: RUGGEDCHATS*
41 PEON Monkey’s beside Indian messenger (4) Indian messenger: APE (monkey) + ON (beside)
42 SMEE Duck! Old bears are returning (4) duck: <TEEMS (old bears)
43 ARM Enthusiastic power (3) power: WARM (enthusiastic)
44 ENSNARES Catches nurse with tin ram (8) catches: EN (nurse) + SN (tin) + ARIES (ram)
L 1 LAPDOG Devoted dependent person (or heraldic mate) returns (6) devoted dependent person: <[GOLD (heraldic) + PAL (mate)]
L 2 CURES Fixes up, imprisoning right odd people (5) odd people: ins. of R (right) in CLUES (fixes up)
Post with American jasmine perhaps (4) jasmine perhaps: POLE (post) + A (American)
Musical performances exactly in accordance with note (6) musical performances: DUE TO (exactly in accordance)+ TI (note)
O 5 INCH Scottish island’s rudimentary, lacking deity (4) Scottish island: INCHOate (rudimentary lacking deity)
R 6 ERA Miss the mark with a geological period (3) geological period: ERR (miss the mark) + A
R 7 ROSILY Ablush and sorrily upset (6) ablush: SORRILY*
8 SHE Girl’s gambling device (3) girl: SHOE (gambling device)
B 9 SOVEREIGN Old Irish mayor’s ruined: nob grieves (9) old Irish mayor: NOBGRIEVES*
I 10 RETRIEVE Repossess – I’ve retired, without a penny, broke (8) repossess: IVERETIREd*

N 14 SATIRE Retains disjointed literary production (6) literary production: RETAINS*
D 17 RAND Doctor and a strip of flesh (4) strip of flesh: DR + AND
O 18 DULE Deceitfully Belgium kicked out Scottish goal (4) Scottish goal: DOUbLE (deceitfully Belgium kicked out)
Report being repeated when special invigorating medicine has sudden rise in value (9, 2 words) report being repeated: S (special) + TONIC (invigorating medicine) + BOOM (sudden rise in value)
Person with a powerful mind, English Rector, someone who fiddles (8)
someone who fiddles: THINKER (person with a powerful mind + E (English) + R (Rector)
E 25 WIND UP Drank alcohol, with vigour, to irritate (6, 2 words) irritate: WINED (drank alcohol) + UP (with vigour)
N 26 WIN Open up centre of awning (3) open up: aWNINg
P 28 SAIN Heal old plodding student at home (4) heal old: SAP (plodding student) + IN (at home)
O 30 BARGEE Crewman on lighter to obstruct moulding (6) crewman on lighter: BAR (obstruct) + OGEE (moulding)
O 31 CRISTA Acrostic is cut and reformed for ridge (6) ridge: ACROSTIc
32 CODDER Crown stranger, a fisherman (6) fisherman: CR (crown) + ODDER (stranger)
35 GERES Harnesses old German muscle (5) harnesses old: G (German) + TERES (muscle)
37 BURN Oddly, bought Ron a cigarette (4) cigarette: BoUgHtRoN
38 NAME New French mistress is well-known (4) well-known: N (new) AMIE (French mistress)
39 ENA Pennant displays girl’s name (3) girl’s name: pENNAnt
40 GUN Australian expert’s zealous, lacking moderations (3) Australian expert: GUNGho (zealous lacking moderation)

4 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No.952 – Time To Wrap Up by Syd Lexis”

  1. Newboy says:

    40 Down – I don’t see why the plural form of moderation was given in the clue as we are only deleting
    ‘ho’ (a singular moderation). Could have been a misprint, I suppose.

  2. Mister Sting says:

    My dear Newboy,

    It was, I wager, due to lack of attention to detail on the part of Syd Lexis, the editor, or some other individual.

    Such lapses necessarily happen frequently. It is easy to miss little details.

    Details such as:
    “My sole, tiny quibble is that, in 40dn, ‘moderations’ is given where, I think, ‘moderation’ is intended.” (See above)

    My sincere apologies. I could not resist.

  3. Newboy says:

    Mister Sting

    I am the one who owes an apology.

    I have to admit that I did not read your preamble at all.
    On my original paper I had marked this clue(40D) as one that I have difficulty with
    so I went straight to your solution to see whether you had an explanation.

    It just goes to show that fools seldom differ.

    Your contributions are much appreciated.

  4. MarcusW says:

    Alas I missed the printed solution to this – but I thought the enclosed letter was G, not R (since the robin ‘hides his head under his wing’ and the word ‘wing’ was incomplete.)

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