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Azed 2019/a tale of two halves

Posted by ilancaron on February 13th, 2011


Appropriately enough, very much a tale of two halves for me. But in my case the top and the bottom: 1A came quickly enough and thus the top half. I stared at the bottom half for a long time before I saw SYREN and TAGGEE. And typing swails for SWEALS held me up forever. Not the hardest Azed ever —  though I’m still wondering about the wordplay for YSHEND.

1 DOUBLE W,HAM,MY – describes the puzzle. And rather subtle wordplay (at least for me): (would be)*,HAM=botched,MY=of me

Across left-hand side

6 AVALON – two meanings: ref. Frankie AVALON who’s not in Chambers. Yet. Clue split at: “shows/legendary”.
7 MERIN,O’ – miner*. Clue split at: “on/an”.
8 PRUN,ES – (RN up)*,E[ccentric],S[teering]. Clue split at: “steering/force”.
10 SWEALS – hidden: roasts. For some reason, I wrote swails in the grid and this held me up for ages until I finally noticed I really couldn’t solve 9D and 3D. Clue split at: “also/cooked”.
12 P,ERR,ON – a platform. Clue split at: “once/penny”.
15 S(‘T)IEVE=steeve – Scots sturdy. And “it” is “‘t”. Clue split at: “in/that”.
16 TAGGEE – (get e.g. a)*. Clue split at: “tracking/part”.
17 [t]INTERN – resident (as in doctor). Ref. Tintern Abbey. Split at: “abbey/summon”.
18 TE(ENS)Y – ENS in rev(yet). Split at: “retrograde/introduction”.

Across right-hand side

6 REV(U)ES – U in verse*
7 AN,ARCH – obs. anarchist
10 DI(ETE)D – cooked=did as in “I did the books…”
12 SCRI(M)P – definition is “keep limited” and SCRIP is (also) an archaic small bag. Hard clue because scrip is also money.
16 TRICAR – hidden
17 ACCIT,E – hard clue – rev(ticca=Hindi hired) and means “summon”.
18 LEAD,IN’ – introduction and “leadin[g]”. Split at: “introduction/vertical”.

Down left-hand side

1 DA(MP)Y – split at: “engrossed/parliamentarian”.
2 OVERAWE — the other competition word.
3 B(LINK)ARD – archaic short-sighted person (thus “old fellow” and LINK is (also) torch. Split at: “”fellow/right”.
4 L,ONER – ONER is a heavy blow. Split at: “person/without”.
5 ENOSIS – ones*,IS. Split at: “historically/is”.
9 VE(RLIG)TE[ran] – (Afrik.) enlightened. girl* in VETE[ran]. My last clue. Split at: “enlightened/girl”. Two unrelated girls in this clue.
11 LO(U)VERS – alt. spelling of louvres=shutters. Split at: “international/amours” (thanks Bob for reminding me…)
12 POS(T)IT – ref. those ubiquitous yellow stickies on your screen. Split at: “tons/of”.
13 STANE – Scots stone. N=noon in rev(eats). Split at: “noon/food”. Two unrelated foods in this clue.
14 WEENY – two meanings: wimp and tiny.

Down right-hand side

1 W,RAPT=part* – alt. rapt=engrossed.
2 HENOTIC – “unifying” — one of the competition words.
3 MURIATIC – briny. (r,i’) in Actium*
4 MECCA[no] – I liked “No no” indicating removal. Lucky I grew up in England and kind of vaguely remember Meccano sets.
5 YSHEND – shend=archaic disgrace so definition is “disgrace historically” but I’m having trouble with the “Asian land of yore” – is the wordplay SHE in YND or HEN in YSD? Help! Complete clue is: “Female entering Asian land of yore: disgrace historically / is compounded with one’s foreign union” (sidey notes that for Edmund Spenser YND=India, thus wordplay is Y(SHE)ND)
9 VERONICA – (in a cover)* – extremely well-hidden anagrind: “girl disguised in a cover”
11 EMI(RA)T,I – rev(ar=Arab) in rev(time).
12 SEPTAL – plates* – definition is: “of dividing structures”.
13 FAR(C)E – also means “stuff”.
14 SYREN – hidden. Alt. siren. Split at: “rendered/US”.

6 Responses to “Azed 2019/a tale of two halves”

  1. sidey says:

    Agreed, not the hardest Azed, although the amount of scribbling on my copy makes a lie of that. Meccano is still going, it’s French now.

    Ynd is an Edmund for Ind which is poetic for India. So SHE in YND.

  2. David Mansell says:

    You’ve transposed the 2 downs.

  3. Bob Sharkey says:

    I disagree with a couple of ‘splits’. Mine are: 15A that/store, 4D many / a, and (omitted) 11D international / amours. I agree with your praise of 9A.

  4. ilancaron says:

    @bob: I wondered about the 15A split… I suppose I agree with you that: STIEVE=”Sturdy Scots trainer? it’s found in that” is better. Likewise agree with 4D: MECCA=”place attracting many” is better. Yes I forgot to indicate the 11D split.


  5. liz says:

    Thanks ilancaron. I think you’ve transposed the two 14dn clues?

  6. ilancaron says:

    ah thanks Liz! another transposition in 14D indeed.

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