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Cyclops 436: Smutty innuendo…

Posted by jetdoc on February 13th, 2011


… and all the better for it! The usual fun from Cyclops — a relatively quick solve, with nothing too tricky.

1 EMBRACES Hugs as Ed Miliband starts getting supporters
EM = initial letters of ‘Ed Miliband’. BRACES = supporters
6 INBRED Bride screwed around and briefly present at birth
*(Bride N), N being a contracted form of ‘and’, as in “fish’n’chips”
9 SMUTTY Must change Tony – extremely blue
*(must TY), where TY are the extremities of ‘Tony’
10 INNUENDO Slur that is about naughty nun and name associated with party
IE = that is; NNU = *(nun); N = name; DO = party.
11 TRADE-OFF Compromise for Ed, fat bastard
*(for Ed fat), with ‘bastard’ as an excellent anagram indicator
12 BEHIND Supportive of an arse
Double definition, and a lovely concise clue
13, 15 ONE OFF THE WRIST Shot executed by a wanker of a tennis player?
Simply to call this a double definition is not to do it justice. So I will refer you to Urban Dictionary, which does not mention the phrase in the context of tennis, but does offer links to intriguing mugs, t-shirts and magnets, should you be interested ( “a magnet?”).
17 FALSETTO Tales of Barking entertaining Tory leader (unnaturally high)
*(Tales of T). Barking, as well as being a district of east London, can mean ‘barking mad’ and is therefore an anagram indicator.
19 PIRACY Crap put out about Cyclops and unknown person bootlegging
*(Crap); I = Cyclops (the setter); Y = unknown (person); ‘bootlegging’ is the definition.
20 ASLEEP A drip takes Labour’s leader out
A; SEEP = drip: L = Labour’s leader; ‘out’ is the definition. Nicely deceptive wordplay
22 FOREPLAY Driver’s warning on parking before bonk: do this first
“Fore!” is a warning given by a golfer (driver) to anyone in the way of the ball; P = parking; LAY = bonk. I refer you to this site. I’d probably call this clue an &Lit, but some might disagree
24 CADILLAC Transport of Herb when taken by Bill both ways
DILL = herb; CA/AC = bill (account), both ways
25 SEPTIC “Off piste” Conservative – bad
*(piste C), with ‘Off’ as the anagram indicator
26 PRAYER Devotion shown by settler grabbing Boer’s rear
PAYER = settler (one who settles an account); R = Boer’s rear
27 DOLDRUMS David, finally past it, takes drinks, causing depression
D = last letter of David; OLD = past it; RUMS = drinks. The Doldrums
2 MEMORANDA Dick half cut or Dana pissed? (Making notes)
MEM[ber] = dick half cut; *(or Dana)
3 RATED Balls, familiarly attached to underside of arse, admired
RAT = arse (generally unpleasant person); ED = Ed Balls (Why didn’t he change his name?)
4 CRY WOLF Do it and risk no response to genuine warning of blubber on Casanova?
CRY = blubber; one definition of WOLF in Chambers is ‘a man who insatiably pursues and seduces women’.
5 STIFF One who’s late having an erection
Double definition — ‘stiff’ can mean a corpse, or ‘one who’s late’.
6 IGNOBLE Mean of Giles, madly getting end away, to constrict 75% of penis
*(Gile), i.e. ‘Giles’ without S, ‘madly’ being the anagram indicator; ‘constricting’ [k]NOB
7 BLETHERER One who goes on the beer, drunk “burying length”, right?
*(the beer); L = length; R = right. ‘One who goes on’ is the definition.
8 END ON Butts together, climax – proceed
END = climax; ON = proceed (as an interjection). ‘Butts together’ is the definition.
14 OBSCENITY Old boy’s about to have sex in east New York filth
OB’S = old boy’s; C = about; IT = sex (in crosswords, anyway); E NY = east New York. ‘Filth’ is the definition.
15, 22 TWO FACED Mugged twice? False
Using ’mug’ in the sense of ‘face’.
16 SOCIALISM In this way, Islamic “nuts” ditched by Blair?
SO = in this way; *(Islamic). Tony Blair created ‘New Labour’ by ditching the socialist ideals of the Labour party.
18 TIPPLER Piss-artist, one advising retaining Clegg’s no.2!
TIPPER = one advising; L = Clegg’s no.2
19 PERUSAL Examination in China sure to be fixed
PAL = China (Cockney rhyming slang — China plate = mate); *(sure)
21 STAIR Archer’s introduction in jail: a step down – or up?
A = Archer’s introduction; STIR = jail. A reference to the ever-delightful Jeffrey Archer and his come-uppance is never to be resisted.
23 PAPER Rubbish reading matter round about — e.g. the Sun
PAP = rubbish; RE = about, reversed (‘round’). I suppose the Sun is a paper… just about.

And, to conclude: Why do meat pies have little holes in the top? So that people from Wigan can pick up four at once.

2 Responses to “Cyclops 436: Smutty innuendo…”

  1. Craig Jones says:

    Excellent blog, thanks. Made little progress with the crossword at the time, but plenty of “kick myself” moments now…

  2. sidey says:

    Thanks for a blog as fun as the puzzle.

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