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Araucaria’s big celebrations

Posted by jetdoc on 16th February 2011


I have uploaded lots of photos of the wonderful party given by the Guardian on the eve of Araucaria’s birthday. It was an honour and a delight to be there.

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Financial Times 13,619 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 16th February 2011


An amazingly good crossword, and a fitting tribute to the birthday boy.  Here at home the kids are off school today for half term break and my wife is away for the week, so it is a bit mad, and when I opened the FT crossword I thought “please let this be an easy one”.  Oh-no!  No clue numbers, not enough 6 or seven letter words to fill the grid, too many 9 and 10 letter words to fit in the grid.  Gulp!

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Guardian 25,247 / Enigmatist, Paul and Shed

Posted by mhl on 16th February 2011


I’ll leave no spoilers in this paragraph since it appears on the front page and this is a really special puzzle…

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Independent 7593 / Eimi

Posted by Gaufrid on 16th February 2011


There must be some special occasion today for Dac to be ousted from his regular Wednesday slot.

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Inquisitor 1163: Common Knowledge by Samuel

Posted by kenmac on 16th February 2011


A nice easy preamble for a change. We’re told that six entries are clued without definition and all the other clues generate an extra letter. The extra letters generate a “line”, which identifies the theme. Five of the six non-definitions are thematically linked “locations” and the other one is the surname of the creator. Lastly, we have to transpose two symetrically opposed letters to reveal the 10-letter word that prefixes one of the locations.

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