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Araucaria’s big celebrations

Posted by jetdoc on February 16th, 2011


I have uploaded lots of photos of the wonderful party given by the Guardian on the eve of Araucaria’s birthday. It was an honour and a delight to be there.

Araucaria party

10 Responses to “Araucaria’s big celebrations”

  1. Robi says:

    Nice pics, Jetdoc; what did Timothy West say?

  2. Eileen says:

    Many thanks for these, Jetdoc. I had it in mind to ask if you or anyone else lucky enough to have a ticket for next Saturday’s lunch would make some pictures available.

    [It’s nice to see a picture of Paul and his fiancée. :-) ]

  3. jetdoc says:

    You bet, Eileen! My camera batteries are on charge even now.

  4. Jan says:

    Thank you, Jetdoc, those are lovely.

  5. Conrad Cork says:

    Thanks Jane.

  6. Scarpia says:

    Thanks Jetdoc.
    Lovely to see the man looking so well.
    Judging by the number of pictures featuring glasses,everyone must have had a great time!
    Look forward to seeing your pictures of the lunch.

  7. ilancaron says:

    Wonderful photos. Any updates on the names you didn’t know in the captions?

  8. Quaiteaux says:

    I’m sure that Jane will come along with some better pictures, but here are some of the lunch (and post-lunch pub) to be getting on with for the time being. I think most people have been identified elsewhere:

  9. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thank you, Quaiteaux, for the pictures.
    I live around the corner, but unfortunately I had no tickets and so I missed the lunch.
    Silly me though, I just could have gone to The Eagle of course.
    But I didn’t.
    At Araucaria’s 100th I will be there – that is if I’m still there …

  10. Jan says:

    Hi, Quaiteaux, I’m getting a bit confused by all the photos – I think I may have responded on another thread – or not. If so, please excuse.

    I love your pictures. They conveyed the atmosphere of a College gathering. Can you tell those of us who didn’t make it about the singing from the gallery – we were singers too.

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