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Financial Times 13,610 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on February 17th, 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of February 5
Here’s another good puzzle from Cincinnus. My favourite clues are 9A (TITLE), 12A (WHOA), 20A (NICK) and 7D (BEECH). Three answers were terms I did not know 3D (CHEESE MITE), 18D (NAURUAN) (although I knew of Nauru itself) and 21D (CUTIS).

1. HOPSCOTCH – HOP (bound) + SCOTCH (frustrate)
6. SABAH – SARAH (Abraham’s wife) with ‘R’ changed to ‘B’
9. TITLE – hidden word
10. CAVILLERS – VILLE (French town) in CARS (traffic)
11. DROPS A LINE – DR (doctor) + OP (work) + SALINE (solution)
12. WHOA – anagram of HOW + A (a)
14. EXHUMED – EX (former) + HUME (philosopher) + D (daughter)
15. TRUSSED – homophone (“trust”)
17. TRY IT ON – [technolog]Y in TRITON (satellite — in the sense of a moon)
19. ANOMALY – A (a) + NO[r]MAL (end of December ignored in typical) + Y (year)
20. NICK – double definition
22. BUDGERIGAR – BUDGE (move) + [Ame]RI[can] + GAR (fish)
25. ATTRIBUTE – double definition
26. NOISE – NO (denial) + IS (is) + E[scalate]
27. SASSY – SAS (crack troops) + S[ta]Y
28. NOTRE DAME – anagram of [t]ATE MODERN

1. HATED – anagram of DEATH
2. PITLOCHRY – LOCH (lake) + R (river) together in PITY (ruth)
3. CHEESE MITE – anagram of SEE THE MICE with a nicely helpful definition which I liked because I had not heard of a cheese mite
4. TICKLED – TICK (mo) + LED (was first)
5. HAVENOT – HAVEN (refuge) + [midl]OT[hian]
6. SOLO – double definition
7. BEECH – BEE (worker) + C[old] + H[ot] (taps)
8. HUSBANDRY – HUSBAND (partner) + YR (your) backwards
13. OUT OF RANGE – cryptic definition
14. ESTONIANS – anagram of SENSATION
16. SHANGRI-LA – anagram of GIRL HAS AN
18. NAURUAN – palindrome
19. AUGMENT – AUGUST (month) with “MEN” (people) replacing “US”
21. CUTIS – CUT (pierce) + IS (one’s)
23. REEVE – RE (about) + EVE (first offender)
24. AIRY – hidden word

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,610 by Cincinnus”

  1. Scarpia says:

    Thanks Pete and sorry for the late comment.
    I suppose most people,like me,tend to have forgotten about a prize puzzle by the time the blog is posted.
    Shame,because Cincinnus’ puzzles are worthy of praise.
    The clueing is nearly always sound and there are always some clever witty clues.Unfamiliar words are always clued fairly,in fact good stuff all round.
    My favourite here was BEECH.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Thank you for any comment!

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