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Financial Times 13,617 / Crux

Posted by Agentzero on February 24th, 2011


Prize Puzzle of Monday 14 February

Many clever clues from Crux, including one which is too clever for me:  26 down.  Among my favourites were those with well disguised definitions: 9 across and 6 down.

5 AMULET A MULE (slipper) T (end of “midnight”)
9 OUTRIGHT d&cd; the definition is “utter” (nicely disguised) and the slogan is “OUT RIGHT!”
10 FRUGAL FR[om] + *(GAUL)
13 ACRES hidden in reverse in loSER CAn’t; this was hard to spot, for me
14, 30 NAME DROPPERS d&cd
16 CHICAGO A in CHIC (smart) GO (move)
19 U-SHAPED dd
21 SEEK homophone of SIKH (Indian)
24 PETER PET (favourite) ER (the Queen)
25 KICK START KICKS (thrills) TART (girl, commonly)
27 ADONIS ADO (trouble) + SIN (lust, say) reversed
28 DREADING D[aughter] READING (at university)
1 DROWSY D (“dwarf”‘s first) ROW (quarrel) S[ill]Y (extremely silly)
2 WATSON WAITS ON (works as a waiter) minus I (one)
3 PRIDE cd; “prelapsarian’ means before the Fall (of Adam and Eve from grace), and Proverbs 16:18 tells us that “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall,” a verse commonly collapsed into “pride goeth before a fall.”
4 UNHORSE A cd, I guess, unless there is something more I’m not seeing.
6 MARGARINE *(GRAIN) in MARE (horse)
7 LEG BREAK L (“Labour” leader) EG (say) BREAK (recess)
8 TALK SHOW TALKS (lectures) + HOW
11 EPIC *(PIEC[e])
15 ASPERSION AS (when) + I (one) in PERSON
18 CHAT ROOM CHARTROOM (map store) minus R[ight]
20 DUKE K[ing] in DUE (outstanding)
21 SECURER EC (the City) in SURER (safer)
22 MARINE This answer, “catching” GAR (fish), would yield 6 down, MARGARINE
23 STAGES dd
26 SCAMP Surely “little devil” = SCAMP, but I can’t work out the wordplay.

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,617 / Crux”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Hi Agentzero,
    Just a quick note about 26d before I go to sleep:
    SCAM =’fiddle’ + P = ‘player starts’.
    Quite a clever clue!

  2. Ferret says:

    I arrived at 10A with “coins from Gaul” doing double duty to FR(ancs)

  3. bamberger says:

    Got about half out,heavily concentrated in the bottom half.
    5a Mule =slipper eluded me
    9a very clever
    12a Spotted the anagram but didn’t know the flower
    14/30 Given that I had for 30 ?r?p?e?s, disappointed not to get this.
    28a Would be interested to know how our non UK solvers got on with this.
    2d I would have thought that doctor would be sufficient to clue watson.
    4d I was thinking about chessboards here.

  4. bamberger says:

    2d Aaarg -insufficient

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