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Enigmatic Variations 954: As Per Brewer by Kruger

Posted by Dave Hennings on February 26th, 2011

Dave Hennings.

I think Kruger has set some tough puzzles in the past, but this week’s was comparatively easy. The wordplay in every clue had an extra letter not entered in the grid, and these spelt out a quotation, apart from two key words. The central square had to be completed with the last letter of the quotation, as given by Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

I didn’t find anything too difficult with the clues, in fact they were quite easy, with a lot of anagrams and simple truncations. The surface readings were very good, with a number bringing a smile to my lips, especially 45ac, 53ac, 3dn and 49dn.

The unclued entries were fairly obviously, and I chose to look up DEVIL in Brewer’s first. This quickly led to DEVIL DICK as the nickname of Richard PORSON, but I couldn’t find anything by him in the ODQ. There was nothing much under Aeneas in Brewer’s, but the entry for Dido revealed all the details necessary. Apparently Richard Porson said he could make a rhyme on any subject, and when challenged to make one on the three Latin gerund endings, -di, -do, -dum, came up with what was spelt out by the extra letters in the clues:

When Dido found Aeneas would not come
She mourned in silence and was Di-do-dum

And there at the end was the ‘optional’ letter B that was required in the central square of the grid.

Solving time: about 2 hours

Definition in clue
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden
X = extra letters in wordplay

1 W PANDIT Learned man put measuring rod into hole (6)
WAND (measuring rod) in PIT (hole)
5 H CUDWEED Mistakenly deduce how nothing is lost in plant (7)
(DEDUCE HOW)* – O (nothing)
12 E ART Award for drawing and painting (3)
ARET (award)
13 N MAILING LIST Heartlessly, man in poor health has to lean over catalogue of addressees (11, two words)
M(A)N AILING (in poor health) + LIST (lean over)
14 F TRICORNS Hats off to Francis — right to stand in for academician (8)
[(TO FRANCIS) with R (right) for A (academician)]*
16 O CHEDDAR Mostly a tedious task carrying old books? Hard cheese! (7)
CHOR(E) (mostly tedious task) carrying EDDA (old books)
17 U HOTEL Inn‘s not in use — in unfinished, miserable state (5)
OUT (not in use) in HEL(L) (miserable state, unfinished)
19 AENEAS Unclued
23 N NOON Twelve in Japanese drama? No, French (4)
NO (Japanese drama) + NON (no, French)
24 D SKIER Risked high lob (5)
25 W LAPPET Start parking (with an offended feeling) in fold (6)
LAW (start) + P (parking) + PET (offended feeling)
27 O MIRE Watered a bog (4)
MOIRE (watered)
28 U PROCEED Pass on dodgy European produce (7)
[E (European) + PRODUCE]*
30 L GLOATED Foolish person, left inside and under control, looked satisfied (7)
GOAT (foolish person) with L (left) inside + LED (under control)
32 DICK Unclued
33 D TARRAS Dart around headland’s volcanic ash (6)
DART* + RAS (headland)
36 N LIERS They adopt a horizontal position in large ships (5)
LINERS (large ships)
38 O ROTA Round grub on top of azalea (4)
ROOT (grub) + A (top of Azalea)
44 PORSON Unclued
45 T TASER Liking face of real stunner (5)
TASTE (liking) + R (face, ie front, of Real)
47 C GINGILI Soldier slicing head off strange plant (7)
GI (soldier) + ((S)LICING*
48 O ENGRIEVE Edmund’s to vex reeve — going almost crazy (8)
50 M ENDOTHELIUM Destroy male cat returning with gas in cell tissue (11)
END (destroy) + TOM< + HELIUM (gas)
51 E KIT RAF aircraft’s equipment (3)
KITE (RAF aircraft)
52 S SLEIGHS Harry, sightless, with no time for journeys over snow (7)
[SIGHTLESS – T (time)]*
53 H MEEKLY Gently starts to make extra effort helping kids learn Yiddish (6)
initials of Make Extra Effort (Helping) Kids Learn Yiddish
1 E PATHOS Anticipate hospice has quality arousing pity (6)
in anticiPATE HOSpice
2 M ARROW V-shaped mark in vegetable (5)
MARROW (vegetable)
3 O DUCE Mussolini‘s sober when north of the border (4)
DOUCE (sober, Scotland)
4 U TAR Sailor‘s cross with rector (3)
TAU (cross) + R (rector)
5 R CINEMA Hideous carmine building exhibiting pictures (6)
6 N DICED Department’s friendly director took great risks (5)
D (department) + NICE (friendly) + D (dirwctor)
7 E EGEST Discharge wild geese on time (5)
GEESE* + T (time)
8 D ELDIN Designated driver enters organised line for fuel (5)
DD (designated driver) in LINE*
9 DIDO Unclued
10 I ISADORE Woman is a Christian, possibly English (7)
IS A DIOR (Christian, possibly) + E (English)
11 N STRINE Australian steamer in New England (6)
STR (steamer) IN NE (New England)
15 S SNAP Bridges over small lock (4)
SPANS< (bridges)
18 I TRIO Backing choir (Italian) is covering musical composition (4)
in chOIR ITalian <
19 L AGLEAM Convict male criminal for flashing (6)
LAG (convict) + MALE*
20 E HECK Jeer abusively when lecturer leaves — it expresses displeasure (4)
HECKLE (jeer abusively) – L (lecturer)
21 N TRET Allowance for waste in river (4)
TRENT (river)
22 C NELSON Hold lens broken by prisoner (6)
LENS* + CON (prisoner)
26 E TOLD Informed US city’s not old (4)
TOLEDO – O (old)
27 A MAIN Cockfighting match hurt animal — front part of leg being lost (4)
[ANIMAL – L (front part of Leg)]*
29 N RIOTING Revelling in Indonesia, not in Gabon (7)
RI (Indonesia) NOT IN G (Gabon)
31 D TENS Waits upon large numbers (4)
TENDS (waits upon)
32 W DRAGEE We raged about cake decoration (6)
34 A RUSE Royal Artillery employ cunning (4)
RA (Royal Artillery) + USE (employ)
35 S ADONIS Anglo-Saxon fellow is a handsome young man (6)
AS (Anglo-Saxon) DON (fellow) IS
37 D SURETY Fit sturdy electronic safeguard (6)
[STURDY + E (electronic)]*
39 I ARGOL Gloria removed dried dung (5)
40 D SPITE Thwart mine in Swaziland with last of ore (5)
PIT (mine) in SD (Swaziland) + E (last of orE)
41 O GRIEG Composer‘s arrangement of unfinished “Georgia” (5)
43 D ENDS Terminates direct debit that’s in being (4)
DD (direct debit) in ENS (being)
46 U AIDE President’s assistant is independent in French department (4)
I (independent) in AUDE (French département)
49 M GUM Toothless, give up yen for gelatinous confection (3)
GUMMY – Y (yen)


2 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 954: As Per Brewer by Kruger”

  1. Chesley says:

    If the central square is to be AS PER BREWER, shouldn’t it contain (b) ?

  2. Dave Hennings says:

    Oh yes, I think you’re right Chesley … sorry for the sloppiness!

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