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Guardian Quiptic No 589 by Orlando

Posted by PeterO on February 28th, 2011


Together with the Rufus, we have a veritable blizzard of double definitions today.

1. Where Marco Polo went in a yacht, wandering (6)
CATHAY Anagram (‘wandering’) of ‘a yacht’. Cathay is an old name for China.
4. Parisian thanks leader of allies in old kingdom (6)
MERCIA Charade of MERCI (‘Parisian thanks’) + A (‘leader of Allies’). An Anglo-Saxon kingdom.
9. Worry about moving into empty flat (4)
FRET Envelope (‘moving into’) of RE (‘about’) in FT (“empty FlaT‘).
10. Fastidious individual (10)
PARTICULAR Double definition.
11. Sex object in Germany taking off a lot (6)
GENDER Envelope (‘in’) of END (‘object’) in GER[many] (“Germany, taking off a lot’).
12. Never mind vacuum? (2,6)
NO MATTER Double definition.
13. Excursion occupying shy lad (9)
STRIPLING Envelope (‘occupying’) of TRIP (‘excursion’) in SLING (‘shy”, as in coconut).
15. Snakes like empty pockets (4)
ASPS Charade of AS (‘like’) + PS (“empty PocketS‘). Having just watched a program on venemous creatures, the surface hit home with me.
16. Walton loses points as a singer (4)
ALTO [w]ALTO[n] without the compass points W and N.
17. Fix it on beast like a mule (9)
OBSTINATE Anagram (‘fix’) of ‘it on beast’.
21. Volunteer force’s excessive enthusiasm for island state (8)
TASMANIA Charade of TAS ( Territorial Army’s, ‘volunteer forces’) + MANIA (‘excessive enthusiasm’) .
22. Puzzling child, as favourite may be (4,2)
ODDS ON Charad of ODD (‘puzzling’) + SON (‘child’).
24. Carol is keeping mum inside — it’s stifling (10)
SMOTHERING Envelope (‘keeping’  ‘inside’) of MOTHER (‘mum’, for once not sh) in SING (‘carol’).
25. Neighbour bringing instrument back (4)
ABUT Reversal (‘back’) of TUBA (‘instrument’).
26. Cricket trophy presented after 500 runs (6)
DASHES Charade of D (‘500′, Roman numeral) + ASHES (‘cricket trophy’).
27. Unpleasant odour from head of smelly fish (6)
STENCH Charade of  S (“head of Smelly’) + TENCH (‘fish’).
1. Stream must be present (7)
CURRENT Double definition.
2. Toddler, extremely exhausted, has to be carried (5)
TOTED Charade of TOT (‘toddler’) + ED (‘extremely ExhausteD‘).
3. Dismay about queen turning up in this costume (7)
APPAREL Envelope (‘about’) of reversal (‘turning up’) of ER (‘Queen’) in APPAL (‘dismay’) .
5. Puzzle resolved in game (6)
ENIGMA Anagram (‘resolved’) of ‘in game’.
6. No curates could reform a kept woman (9)
COURTESAN Anagram (‘could reform’) of ‘no curates’.
7. Oscar-winning film produced in Australia (7)
AMADEUS An indirect envelope; the answer is MADE in AUS (‘produced in Australia. The film is Milos Forman’s 1984 adaptation of Peter Schaffer’s play, which won 8 Oscars, including best picture.
8. A retiring band prepared to be stoical (4,3,4,2)
GRIN AND BEAR IT Anagram (‘prepared’) of ‘a retiring band’.
14. Hints from close friends (9)
INTIMATES Double definition.
16. A learner with a gun, possibly frightened (7)
ALARMED Charade of A L (‘a learner’) + ARMED (“with a gun, possibly’).
18. Deliberation even if on time (7)
THOUGHT Charade of THOUGH (‘even if’) + T (‘time’).
19. Spooner’s low bit is over the top (3,4)
TOO MUCH MOO (‘low’) TOUCH (‘bit’).
20. Narrow opening in a northern river? This will provide more room (6)
ANNEXE Charade of A N (‘a northern’) + N (‘Narrow opening’) + EXE (Devon “river’).
23. Sap in sewer (5)
DRAIN Double definition.

7 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic No 589 by Orlando”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, Peter

    Enjoyable puzzle, with just about the right level of difficulty, although I took some time to tease out the NW corner for some reason. TASMANIA and ODDS ON were clever clues, I thought.

    I think you mean Orlando and not Rufus! That’s what you get for blogging two puzzles on the same day.

  2. Robi says:

    Well done PeterO for a double blog. Fairly easy puzzle just right for Quiptic.

    I assume TOUCH=BIT is in ‘a touch of,’ didn’t get the sense at the beginning. I thought 22 was a nice clue.

  3. Robi says:

    Sorry, ‘is’ should be ‘as’ above.

  4. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks PeterO, and well done on your double shift.

    Just one quibble: the points missing from ‘Walton’ are W and N, not S.

  5. PeterO says:


    Thanks for the note; corrected now. K’s D: at that stage in the proceedings, I was not as careful to get my meaning across as I might have been. I hope the revision to the preamble makes it clearer. Robi : indeed, in 19D, TOUCH as in ‘a touch of the yaws’. It took me a while for that one to drop, but the one that really held me up was 11A. The answer had to be GENDER, but it was not until I was about to hit the ‘publish’ button that the MANY bit of the wordplay hit me.

  6. Robi says:

    Thanks, PeterO; yes, the wordplay in GENDER was good, although I missed it. I was playing with using the German DER, but couldn’t really parse the clue properly.

  7. Derek Lazenby says:

    Ah I see, didn’t think AMADEUS was made in Australia, but it fitted!

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