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Independent 7,605/Dac

Posted by Ali on 2nd March 2011


Wednesday = Dac = it’s all good.

Some tricksy Down clues in this one I thought, but everything perfectly justifiable and well put together as ever.

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Financial Times 13,631 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 2nd March 2011


Gozo again proves himself to be a master of the grid, all the across solutions are Shakespeare characters, and they combine to make some great anagrams.

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Guardian 25,259 – Chifonie

Posted by Andrew on 2nd March 2011


Typical Chifonie fare here: pleasant enough, and soundly clued, but not much of a challenge, with lots of very obvious clues that wouldn’t be out of place in the Quiptic, and a preponderance of charades. There’s not much more to add, as I said it all exactly a month ago,

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Inquisitor 1165: A Favourite Poem by Phi

Posted by duncanshiell on 2nd March 2011


The preamble stated that the puzzle is based on of Phi’s favourite poems.  The poem features a recurrent phrase, which explains the entry of one normally clued answser.  The phrase is connected in the poem with a sequence of other terms.  Some of these are unclued answers, others occur as redundant words in clues. Where consecutive clues have redundant words, these words form a two-word thematic term.  Wordplay in remaining clues gives the grid entry with an extra letter: these letters in clue order spell out the poet.  Solvers must highlight the poem’s title.

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