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Independent on Sunday 1098: Quixote

Posted by jetdoc on March 6th, 2011


The usual straightforward, sound offering from Quixote. Solved pretty quickly, though 9a held me up a bit. The most popular clue will probably be 8d, though I’d go for 17a or 5d for the wordplay.

1 CARICATURES Distorted pictures that must be redone to be made accurate, sir!
*(accurate sir)
9 PLAINTS Charges made by one infiltrating secret spies?
I = one; PLANTS = secret spies
10 VAMOOSE Do a bunk, very shortly to be pursued by a wild animal
V = very; A; MOOSE = wild animal
11 TASTE Sample to consume gets sent back when there’s stone in it
TAE = EAT, reversed; ST = stone
12 INTROVERT Home and dry hugging the dog, inclined to avoid outside contacts
IN = home; TT = dry (teetotal); ROVER = dog. Definition: ‘inclined to avoid outside contacts’
13 AGENDA It may need minutes to get going
The first item in the agenda is often the minutes of the previous meeting.
14 CORPSE Body rambler finally discovered in clump of trees
R = rambler, finally; COPSE = clump of trees
15 UPDATE University surprisingly adept, supplying the latest information
*(U adept)
17 OMEGA Huge kiss finally appended to love letters
O = love; MEGA = huge; S = kiss finally
19 FORMALISE Give definite shape to bursts of realism
*(of realism)
21 CADET Trainee joining Edward and Bill heading west
TED = Edward; AC = Bill; all reversed
23 ISOTOPE One thus gets to gym from chemistry form
I = one; SO = thus; TO; PE = gym (physical education)
24 AMATEUR A chum sure getting frayed, being given no money
A; MATE = chum; [s]UR[e]
25 HORNET’S NEST Hazardous situation creating more than a bit of a buzz?
… which might buzz more than a bit.
1 CONCERN Business organisation opposing Genevan research establishment
CON = opposing; CERN
2 RUSTICATE Temporarily suspend from game one caught in frenzy
RU = game (Rugby Union); I = one; C = caught; STATE = frenzy. To banish for a time from town or college because of wrongdoing
3 COVET Yearn for colleague to look after animals
A co-vet might be the colleague of a veterinary surgeon.
4 TAMBOUR Time to start love affair — having got involved start to beat drum
T = time; AMOUR = love affair; B = start to beat
5 RHODE ISLAND RED Ron and Dad relished curried chicken
*(Ron DAD relished), with ‘curried’ as the anagram indicator. Rhode Island Red
6 SPENT Ecstatic having seized power — exhausted too
SENT = ecstatic; P = power
7 SPOT See tyrant wanting a double beheading
[de]SPOT (‘despot’ with its first two letters cut off)
8 MASSAGE PARLOUR A paramour’s legs naughtily displayed in house of ill repute?
*(A paramour’s legs).
14 COOPERATE Little work before time in bed, having minimal energy to be of assistance
OP = little work (abbreviation of ‘opus’); ERA = time; in COT = bed; E = minimal energy
16 ABALONE Gastropod appearing when sailor’s on solo voyage possibly
AB = sailor; ALONE. Abalone
18 ENCHANT Charm shown by dean regularly when meeting church worker
EN = alternate letters of ‘dean’; CH = church; ANT = worker
19 FAITH Adam’s religious belief?
Adam Faith
20 ITEMS One given odd bits of the script giving bits of news?
I = one; TE = odd bits (alternate letters) of ‘the’; MS = manuscript
22 TARN River feeding into brown lake
R = river; TAN = brown. A small mountain lake


4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1098: Quixote”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks Jetdoc for the (early) blog and Quixote for another nice Sunday offering.

    Quite quick solving, and indisputable clueing. Favourites were 12A INTROVERT, 23A ISOTOPE and 4D TAMBOUR. Btw, think there is a typo in 2D RUSTICATE – missing C=caught.

  2. jetdoc says:

    Thanks, Scchua. I have updated 2d.

    Was the blog early? I scheduled it to appear just after midnight.

  3. scchua says:

    The blog was exactly per your schedule, but see what you mean. It’s just that I access only the online version, which I believe comes a week later (for Sat and Sun) than the paper version; so to me 1 min after the online version comes out is “early”.

  4. Scarpia says:

    Thanks jetdoc.
    As you say,straightforward and sound as ever from Quixote,which I think is the raison d’etre of this Sunday slot.
    Adam Faith brings back memories,one of the very first records I ever owned was his ‘Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)’.My taste in music has changed somewhat,I hasten to add!
    8 down was a nice anagram but my favourite clue was 12 across.

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