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Guardian 25,267 / Gordius

Posted by manehi on 11th March 2011


Apologies for the late blog of an entertaining puzzle, especially 2dn.

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Financial Times 13,639 / Flimsy

Posted by shuchi on 11th March 2011


Pretty neat clues from Flimsy, as if in defiance to the dominant “ruinous” imagery of their surfaces – several clues talk of rot and decay, spoiling and perishing. A niggle or two over wordplay that might have better explanations than I can see.

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Independent 7613/Phi

Posted by John on 11th March 2011


As usual a nice tidy crossword from Phi. So good in fact that there is really very little to say, a sign of quality. Now that I’ve said that there is no doubt plenty to say because I expect it has some Nina of which I’m quite oblivious — they have been becoming so subtle recently that they tend to be beyond me.

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