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Enigmatic Variations No.956 – Ego Problem by Ifor

Posted by Mister Sting on 13th March 2011

Mister Sting.

I-I-I! Mea culpa! The piercing eye of the acute observer will have noticed that I’m a tiny bit late with this post. Sorry. I was obsessively cataloging my alphabetti spaghetti. I’m sure you’ll understand. My therapist does.

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Azed 2023

Posted by Andrew on 13th March 2011


Another reasonably straightforward Azed, as far as I remember, helped by an easy 1 across to get me started, though as usual a fair bit of Chambers-trawling was needed to confirm all the details for this blog. (Apologies for the late posting, which is due to me having got my dates muddled.)

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Beelzebub 1098

Posted by Jed on 13th March 2011


Couple of unresolved issues at 12across and 24across

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Independent on Sunday 1099 by Quixote

Posted by flashling on 13th March 2011


Seems ages since I did a blog – I’ve added the clues to remind solvers as it was published a week ago. A couple of rarer words and some nice wordplay here. But generally it’s a lovely Quixote puzzle. Got mislead a couple of times as a decent crossword should – see blog.

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Everyman No 3,362

Posted by PeterO on 13th March 2011


And the envelope contains…

1. I’m so sexy in new lace undergarment (8)
CAMISOLE Envelope (‘in’) of MISO, an anagram (‘sexy’) of ‘Im so’ in CALE, an anagram (‘new’) of ‘lace’.
5. A couple of lines in poor song (6)
BALLAD Envelope (‘in’) of A LL (‘a’ ‘couple of lines’) in BAD (‘poor’).
9. Beginning to laugh, interrupting funny gag (8)
STRANGLE Envelope (‘interrupting’) of L (‘beginning to Laugh’) in STRANGE (‘funny’).
10. Article by good man on church’s position (6)
STANCE Charade of ST (‘good man’) + AN (‘article’) + CE (‘church’ of England).
12. Buddhist monk holding head of lowing animal (5)
LLAMA Envelope (‘holding’) of L (‘head of Lowing’) in LAMA (‘Buddhist monk’).
13. Popular French novelist’s crossing small British city (9)
INVERNESS Envelope (‘crossing’) of S (‘small’) in IN VERNES (‘popular’ ‘French novelists’).
14. Checking text from academic going round old English university (12)
PROOFREADING Envelope (‘going round’) of O (‘old’) in PROF READING (‘academic’ ‘English university‘).
18. Speculation after son’s dismissed? His crime? (12)
EMBEZZLEMENT Peculation is EMBEZZLEMENT, and also [s]peculation minus s (‘after sons dismissed’). An unusual style of clue. The Z from 3D made the answer obvious some time before I saw the wordplay.
21. Typeface used by Cambridge college lecturer penning first of novels (9)
CLARENDON Envelope (‘penning’) of N (‘first of Novels’) in CLARE DON (‘Cambridge college‘ ‘ lecturer’).
23. Ring about daughter’s cycle (5)
PEDAL Envelope (‘about’) of D (‘daughter’) in PEAL (‘ring’).
24. Beast kept by Pakistani male (6)
ANIMAL Hidden in ‘PakistANI MALe’.
25. A name in staircase window (8)
FANLIGHT Envelope (‘in’) of A N (‘a’  ‘name’) in FLIGHT (‘staircase’).
26. Hear about object, all the rage (6)
TRENDY Envelope (‘about’) of END (‘object’) in TRY (‘hear’ in the judicial sense).
27. On which runners make tracks? (3,5)
SKI SLOPE Cryptic definition.
1. Keep left in station (6)
CASTLE Envelope (‘in’) of L (‘left’) in CASTE (‘station’ of life). Defining CASTLE as ‘keep’ is a little questionable.
2. New, in fish sauce (6)
MORNAY Envelope (‘in’) of N (‘new’) in MORAY (‘fish’, the eel). Mornay sauce is a white sauce with cheese, which may well be served with fish.

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