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Independent on Sunday 1099 by Quixote

Posted by flashling on March 13th, 2011


Seems ages since I did a blog – I’ve added the clues to remind solvers as it was published a week ago. A couple of rarer words and some nice wordplay here. But generally it’s a lovely Quixote puzzle. Got mislead a couple of times as a decent crossword should – see blog.

Single definitions are underlined and * means anagram other bits I hope are obvious if not ask!

Any tyops or other misteaks please feel free to correct me. Mind you since the average comment count is so low I know you won’t, seems a shame that the IOS crossword gets so little love.


4 Port? A distinguished artist drinks unit much less than litre (5) ACCRA A + cc (cubic centimetre) + RA, not sure why the ? here other than misdirection.
6 Worker maybe with achievement meeting Queen – one of her guards (9) BEEFEATER BEE (worker) + FEAT + E.R.
9 One enthusiast in the end reversing trivial little thing (7) MINUTIA I NUT (fan) in AIM rev, isn’t this normally minutiae?
10 Place offering type of drug, nothing for swallowing (7) STATION (Nothing) O in STATIN My initial thought was placebo…
11 Independent country? There’s attention as that falls apart (6,5) NATION STATE (ATTENTION AS)*
15 Request to keep quiet, say – something used to keep folk in the dark? (7) SHUTTER SH! + UTTER (say)
17 Old man facing test to become a legal immigrant (7) PATRIAL PA + TRIAL Patrial most of the England cricket and other sports teams perhaps, not that other countries don’t do it.
18 Dopey setter, awfully unimaginative? (11) STEREOTYPED (DOPEY SETTER)* Slightly iffy definition to me butI can go with it.
22 Running some university rave – a hundred going to it (7) COURANT C (Hundred) + O(xford)U(niversity) + RANT. Why always Oxford? As a Cambridge man… Grr Still after the demise of the Cambridge University New Testament Society perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.
24 I’m great playing jazzy music (7) RAGTIME (I’M GREAT)*
25 Time to get up? Avoid making a commitment for a while (9) TEMPORISE TEMPO Musical time + RISE get up
26 Groan as one receiving letter from Paul (5) TITUS Titus Groan and the epistle from Paul. Double def
1 Call for skin treatment (6) TATTOO Double Definition
2 Hospital units in the county (4) BEDS Cryptic DD. I spent rather too long thinking Kent, K + ENT and searching for K being a hospital dept in my head. Hmm.
3 Aesthetic writer in a depression after the end of year (8) DECADENT DEC(ember) + A DENT Decadent writer
4 A beautiful person crossing my French carpet (8) ADMONISH MON (my French) in A DISH
5 Make sense of counters in the wrong order (8) CONSTRUE COUNTERS* never did Latin but seen enough programmes/films with the school-master telling a boy to construe.
6 Undergarment – one slipping down a little in restaurant (9) BRASSERIE Brassiere with the I moved down
7 End story in the auditorium (4) TAIL Hom of Tale
8 Managed to get man on board, creating a row (4) RANK RAN + K(ing)
12 An inspiration to Isaac – and it makes Peter leap about (5,4) APPLE TREE (Peter leap)* Sir Isaac Newton a common fallacy I was told by my tutors.
13 I hurry after maiden – some sort of mistake (8) MISPRINT M + I SPRINT
14 Finish up being hugged by good girl? That brings contentment (8) GLADNESS END rev in G(ood) LASS
16 One who helps others to succeed? (8) TESTATOR Cryptic Def
19 Drunk beginning to shed items of clothing (6) TIGHTS Tight (drunk) + S(hed)
20 Racecourse expelling a fellow wearing a kilt? (4) SCOT (a)SCOT
21 Island visible to all with school of whales around it (4) GUAM U (film cert) in GAM. Not POD this time Collective nouns for whales
23 Holiday accident? (4) TRIP Double def

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1099 by Quixote”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling for the blog (believe it or not, you do have company), and Quixote for another enjoyable, not-too-difficult puzzle.

    Got undone on the last one 2D where I kept reading the clue as “….country” – yet again another plea to the powers-that-be at the Indy to increase the font size, in the online version at least, making use of all that white space. Favourites were 9A MINUTIA, btw, the singular (of “minutiae”) to be consistent with the clue definition, 13D MISPRINT and 14D GLADNESS.

  2. Quixote says:

    I have just received the sad news that my Concise partner, Mass, has died. We will miss him for all his cruciverbal contributions and as an all-round good egg.

    An IOS era is ending in fact. There will be only two more Sunday Quixotes. After that I shall revert to the daily paper where I had over a hundred puzzles published in the late 1980s before being transferred by Louise Levene to the new Sunday paper. My new slot will be fortnightly on Mondays.

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