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Independent 7617 / Dac

Posted by Gaufrid on March 16th, 2011


After yesterday’s surprise appearance by Phi we are back to normal for a Wednesday with Dac and his customary fine clues. This puzzle was a little on the easy side for my taste but nonetheless enjoyable.

Several clues received a tick but I had a bit of a problem with the anagram indicator in 8ac since the only definitions of ‘rover’ are nounal. However, Chambers has ‘at rovers’ as an archaic way of saying ‘at random’ so I suppose that ‘rovers’ could be equated with ‘random’ and thus be an anagram indicator.

8 SECOND-RATE *(DONCASTER) [league]E – ‘Rovers’ as an anagram indicator? (see preamble)
9 RAKE [b]RAKE (try to stop bachelor going)
10 LENNON LEN (man) NO N (name) – take your pick, John Lennon or one of his sons Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon
11 LAP JOINT cryptic def. – “a joint made by placing one member over another and fastening them” (Collins)
12 LANDMASS AND (with) M (male) in LASS (girl)
14 MUSK OX MU’S (Greek character’s) KOX homophone of ‘cox’ (one over the eight {rowing})
15 BOULES BOU[t] (contest mostly) LES (the French) &lit
17 ATROCITY TRO[t] (communist ultimately banned) in A CITY (a place such a London)
21 IMPACT IMP ACT (naughty child’s behaviour)
23 DION hidden in ‘raDIO Network’ – again you have a choice, Dion DiMucci or Céline Dion
24 ESTIMATION IM (one thousand) in E (European) STATION (terminal)
1 SWEDE S[oup] W[e] E[njoy] D[aily] E[aten]
2 ADORNED [mor]N[ing] in ADORED (loved)
4 CHARLES LAUGHTON LAUGH (fall about) in CHARLESTON (dance) – this old actor
5 BLEEP B (British) PEEL (Prime Minister) reversed
6 NERVOUS *(OVER) in NUS (students)
7 TAKING OUT T[reatment] A KIN (a family) GOUT (illness)
13 ANOMALIES A (article) MALI (African republic) in *(ONE’S)
14 MARTINMAS [he]R TIN {money] in MAMA’S (mother’s) – the mass or feast of St Martin on 11th November
16 LICENCE double def.
18 CAPITAL CAP (cover) ITAL[y] (most of the country)
20 IDEAL ID (personal details) E[m]A[i]L
22 CROSS triple def.

8 Responses to “Independent 7617 / Dac”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, Gaufrid, for the blog, and thanks to Dac for a fine puzzle. Just when I thought I would get stuck, another one went in, so I was able eventually to appreciate the crossword as a whole.

    I thought SHADOW CABINET was an excellent &lit and SMELLING SALTS made me smile. I think ‘rovers’ is fine as an anagrind (setters in Another Place get away with much worse) and was justified by the excellent surface.

    With the much-missed Virgilius’ alter ego giving us a super puzzle today in Another Place, this has been a very good Wednesday.

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks Gaufrid for the blog and Dac for an enjoyable puzzle, not difficult, but fair.

    Favourites were 1A SHADOW CABINET, v.g. &lit, 25A SMELLING SALTS nicely cryptic defn, and 14D MARTINMAS. Glad you remembered the 60’s DION. I guess the indicator in 8A could mean that the letters in “Doncaster” are “rovers”.

  3. flashling says:

    Quiet in here today. Like Gaufrid I found this on the easy side but not sure why that is, perhaps it’s the fewer than usual cryptic or double definition clues and no obscure answers. Rather harder tomorrow, I expect, as is the Thursday way round here. Thanks Gaufrid for the blog and Dac of course for the puzzle.

  4. Wil Ransome says:

    Right up to Dac’s usual standard. I thought the &lits at 1ac and 15ac were brilliant. Like you, Gaufrid, I was uneasy with ‘Rovers’.

    At 10ac I had Heanon (he + anon), of whom I’d never heard, but he does appear to exist now I look. However it’s obviously Lennon.

  5. Paul B says:

    8 I like your development using ‘at rovers’ (and that could be a fantastic anag ind for fodder that happened to form another team name, e.g. West Ham United at Rovers for boring old THE NEW STADIUM), but there’s always the possibility that Dac here regards d, o, n, c, a, s, t, e and r all as ‘rovers’, i.e. wanderers. And now we’re back to footie again. And now it’s on the telly – so byeee!

  6. Paul B says:


  7. flashling says:

    @PaulB have you got yourself onto a naughty list? Given the order your posts arrived? Tees myself up for something I guess.

  8. Paul B says:

    Hi Flash. The machine thinks I’m naughty, but I don’t know why! Gaufrid sorted it out and put my 5 – the first version of the comment – on afterwards. Perhaps it’s the start of a black ops thing – you know how paranoid we are these days. Better check the cash card …

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