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Independent 7,619/Radian

Posted by Ali on 18th March 2011


Well I found this pretty darn tough. Most of the acrosses went in fairly easily, but the low-numbered downs were much harder and required some liberal use of the online Reveal button! And despite spotting a perimeter message forming early on, I couldn’t work out what it was.

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Financial Times 13,645 / Styx

Posted by shuchi on 18th March 2011


This was a gentle ride with a few pleasant pauses to smile, my picks of the day being 12a, 25a.

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Guardian 25,273 – Arachne

Posted by Andrew on 18th March 2011


I found it quite hard to get going on this one, but I think that’s because of some very clever clues where the cryptic reading is well concealed, with 19ac and 7dn being particularly trick to decipher (and with a coincidental link between them). But it all came out in the end, and the puzzle was very enjoyable and satisfying to finish. I have a couple of minor quibbles, noted below, but nothing too serious. There isn’t exactly a theme, but there are a few smelly foods, and a couple of mentions of their possible result..

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