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Everyman No. 3363 (13th March)

Posted by The Trafites on March 20th, 2011

The Trafites.

Lorraine:  Medium level of difficulty for an Everyman this week, with some typical Everyman clueing.

I have two queries at 4ac and 5dn, which maybe readers here can confirm either way.

Thank you Mr. Everyman.

1. Block Somerset’s foremost spinner (4)
4. Way in which ginger’s used? (3,4)
CAT FLAP does ‘ginger’ mean cat, as in ‘ginger tom’? if so, a sort of cd
Chambers, Collins, Bradford’s et al make no association between ‘ginger’ and ‘cat’, so I am really not sure
9. Heavenly girl seen round about, heading for arcade (8)
ETHEREAL ETHEL around (RE+A(rcade))
10. Some favour banking in town (5)
URBAN hidden: favoUR BANking
11. Financial agency vacating property (8,5)
13. Up against it, adult within points out (2,1,4)
15. Beast making awful noises on lake (7)
LIONESS (NOISES*) after L(ake)
17. Excited seeing small band (7)
the rock band ‘genesis’
19. Fundamentalist spoke about Conservative (7)
RADICAL RADIAL(spoke, as in a wheel) around C
20. Hear about soldiers with TA stuck inside a drainage basin (9,4)
CATCHMENT AREA ((MEN(soldiers)+TA) ‘stuck in’ (CATCH(hear)+RE(about))+A
22. First sign of tooth decay – canine needs to be extracted (5)
the abbreviation ‘c’=canine is used in dentistry
23. Cheat to secure point in card game (8)
24. Clothes got grey, unfortunately (7)
25. Singer in musical, Tormé (4)
ALTO hidden: musicAL, TOrmé
2. Article on extremely memorable subject (5)
THEME THE+M(emorabl)E
3. Clown, I report, is funny (7)
this clown
4. Army officer is in the central part, we hear (7)
5. Better golf club, hopefully (5,4)
TOUCH WOOD cryptic pun? what does ‘better’ mean here? ‘wood’ is a golf club, but why does touching it make it better?
6. Work switch in job centre (6,8)
7. Coppers shut in church (5)
PENCE PEN(shut in)+CE
8. Go from job to job to ruthlessly pursue one’s aim? (5,2,7)
usually heard as ‘stop at nothing’
12. Phone engineer around noon (4)
RING RIG around N
engineer=manipulate, as in ‘rig the vote’
14. Has to step off as quickly as possible (9)
16. The Italian entering well of storage chamber (4)
SILO IL(the in Italian) in SO(well?)
18. Incomplete drawing by unknown character (7)
19. Greek wine – what could be nastier? (7)
most probably the most common anagram combination in the field of crosswords
20. Talk about front of relief map (5)
21. Machine that’s programmed to drill almost overturned (5)

11 Responses to “Everyman No. 3363 (13th March)”

  1. crosser says:

    Thank you, Trafites.I had the same queries at 4ac and 5dn. Hope someone will enlighten us!

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, Lorraine. Some clever clueing here – I particularly liked ARIES and THEME for their surfaces. I think we can assume that ‘ginger tom’ is the thinking behind CAT FLAP; it just about works for me. I’m less sure of TOUCH WOOD. A ‘touch’ player in a number of sports is one who is very precise in their shots or control, but it’s a bit of a stretch to equate that to ‘better’.

    Good puzzle overall.

  3. Richard Heald says:

    According to Chambers Thesaurus, ‘touch’ is synonymous with ‘better’ in the verbal sense of ‘to equal’ (as in M C Hammer’s “U can’t touch this”, I suppose) but I wouldn’t call them exact synonyms – according to Chambers, ‘touch’ means “to equal, rival or compare with” whereas ‘better’ means “to surpass, do better than”.

  4. Dad'sLad says:

    Thanks Lorraine.

    I thought “ginger” for CAT was ok and therefore enjoyed the clue. 5d seems a bit clumsy unless I’m missing something, which is entirely possible. I initially assumed we were supposed to ignore “club” and read it as “Better golf, hopefully” to get the meaning of the phrase. On reflection I think it is an allusion to the club selection you make before a shot. So by touching – selecting – a wood rather than, say, an iron you are hoping for a better result from having chosen a better – or more appropriate – club. But it’s still a bit tenuous even at that.

  5. Megaparsec says:

    A ‘better’ from a bookie’s point of view could be seen as an easy ‘touch’. And ginger seems to be an acceptable generic cat name, lack of capital forgiveable for the good surface reading.

  6. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks Trafites.

    I think, as Megparsec suggests, Ginger is a sort of “typical” cat’s name, as Fido or Rover might be for a dog.

    Regarding ‘touch’, it might be as in ‘to touch something up’, meaning to improve it.

    In my book, 19d is practically an &lit :D.

    My last in was ‘toggery’, which I’d never heard of, but found in Google as the name of a chain or franchise, presumably from ‘togs’.

  7. Robi says:

    Interesting puzzle, as ever, from Everyman.

    Thanks Lorraine for the good blog. I think the ‘touch’ might be in the sense given by KD@2. I found a book entitled the touch system for better golf. With 20, I parsed it as soldiers=MEN and soldiers=RE with TA stuck inside, but no doubt your explanation is just as good. :)

    TOGGERY is in ODE as: ‘(informal, humorous)clothes.’ Didn’t have a particular problem with ginger=CAT, although the clue seems rather clumsy as ginger is not used in a CATFLAP – however, I guess it was worded that way to provide a better surface.

  8. Davy says:

    Final word on 4a. Just to expand the clue a little: Way in (cat flap) which ginger has used. Nothing wrong with this I would suggest. I was also amused by its construction.

  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Hi Robi. Appreciate your similar thinking, but I’m still not convinced. Perhaps Everyman will drop in to say where he was coming from with that one. The definition is ‘way in’ (entry) for a cat, so the surface and clue work perfectly for me if you accept ‘ginger’ as a cat.

  10. Robi says:

    Davy@8 and KD@9; thanks, I get the sense now (at last!)

  11. Roger says:

    My first crack at an Everyman for many years and, sad to say, only really as a stepping stone to Rufusday … but ’twas worth it.
    Also thought of ‘better’ in terms of a soft touch (Mpc @5) and rather liked silo at 16d (where I assume your ‘?’ Lorraine implies the challenging “Well ?” … as in “So, what are going to do about it ?”). Seems a little overcast in the NW/SE !

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