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beelzebub 1100

Posted by Jed on 27th March 2011



This puzzle is cleverly and wittily misleading in places such as 25down

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Azed 2025/Carte Blanche

Posted by ilancaron on 27th March 2011

I tend to enjoy empty grids in the Carte Blanche style — it makes me think I’m doing something more than just “mindlessly” solving clues.  In this case, I got lucky guessing that 1A and 1D started at the top-left corner.  I made one mistake placing GETUPS further down but managed to recover eventually.  I think I’m off the hook for posting a filled-in grid with bars added.  But honest I have a version next to me as we speak.  I’m posting the clues since there are no numbers — I added some enumerations as I was solving as a hint to myself.

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Independent on Sunday 1101 by Quixote

Posted by Uncle Yap on 27th March 2011

Uncle Yap.

Another entertaining Sunday puzzle from The Don

1 DEPARTMENT Cha of DEPART (leave) MEN (fellows) T (time)
9 STET Ins of T (last letter of text) in SET (put) In proof-reading, a written direction to restore after marking for deletion
10 NEAPOLITAN *(on a plane it)
11 LAUDER dd for Sir Henry Lauder (1870 – 1950), known professionally as Harry Lauder, was a Scottish entertainer, described by Sir Winston Churchill as “Scotland’s greatest ever ambassador!”
12 CABLING Cha of CAB (taxi) LING (heather)
13 PIP EMMA PIP (boy) EMMA (girl) post meridiem, in the afternoon
[Formerly signallers’ names for the letters PM] (cf ack emma)
14 ENCASH *(cans he)
16 ADVERT Ins of D (last letter of road) in AVERT (prevent)
18 RESPITE Ins of ESP (extra-sensory perception) in RITE (ceremony)
20 DISCARD Ins of SCAR (sign of accident) in DID (performed)
21 AZALEA Ins of ZA (South Africa ie Zuid Afrika; IVR) in A LEA (meadow)
22 SHANGHAIED *(he had gains)
24 IN ON Ins of O (nothing) in INN (pub)
25 RENCOUNTER Christopher WREN (architect, St Paul’s) minus W + COUNTER (board) for a chance meeting

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Everyman crossword No 3,364

Posted by Stella on 27th March 2011


A typically entertaining puzzle from Everyman. Unusually for this setter, though, there’s one clue I can’t quite parse (see below). It’s probably my fault, so any suggestions welcome. Read the rest of this entry »

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