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Azed 2025/Carte Blanche

Posted by ilancaron on March 27th, 2011

I tend to enjoy empty grids in the Carte Blanche style — it makes me think I’m doing something more than just “mindlessly” solving clues.  In this case, I got lucky guessing that 1A and 1D started at the top-left corner.  I made one mistake placing GETUPS further down but managed to recover eventually.  I think I’m off the hook for posting a filled-in grid with bars added.  But honest I have a version next to me as we speak.  I’m posting the clues since there are no numbers — I added some enumerations as I was solving as a hint to myself.

Fruit farmer’s instruction to employees, we hear, offering some cash to Azeris? GO,PIK=”go pick” – there are a 100 gopiks in a manat in Azerbaijan.
Very brief beachwear creating bronzed look, good one TAN,G,A
Mordant press, quill mostly dreadfully yellow (10) IRON,LIQU,OR – LIQU=(quil[l])* – dyer’s mordant
Chaps fish leaving dock and aim endlessly for oily catch (8) MEN,HAD[dock],EN[d] – oily fish
Lateral route for Churchill, say, succeeded with Bevan? S,NYE – Canadian side channel.   I assume this is ref Churchill, Manitoba. Nye was Aneurin Bevan’s nickname.
Like library books having a label on, ‘revised’ LOANABLE*
Traders heading for China and what’s excellent and special (6) C,RARE,S – trading vessels
They may be seen in anserine nests NENES – hidden &lit.  Geese of the Hawaiian variety.
A shirt worn for e.g. tattie-howking? (6)  HAIRST – (a shirt)* – Scots harvest.
Study cross that’s reversed, with a curse on it (6) DAM,NED – rev(den,mad)
Bedding material? Jokes, tucking end inside (5) JASPE – japes -> jaspe=”cloth with a shaded effect used for bedspreads”
Singular place for example turned over outfits GE,T UP,S – rev(s,put,eg)
Predatory insect – seven found in misshapen udder REDU(VII)D* – predaceous bug
Took food nicked from ship’s chill cabinet (4) FRIG[ate] – fridge
Fared badly in English or French escapade FREDA,IN,E – fared* – escapade in French
Cremation urn, I? Not this (variant thereof) CINERARIUM – (cremation urn I – not)*
Vow forgotten, it turns heart to harlot – HE,AS,T – archaic vow – “he” as “t” in heart -> tart
Arab trader perhaps, rum-runner of yesteryear? COPER – horse (Arab) trader and also illicit alcohol supplier

Spruce up and bend with injection of a varnisher’s resin (2 words) GUM S,AND,AR(A)CH – rev(smug=spruce)
You’ll find nothing encloses water that flows here (2 words) O,PEN S,EA=river
Mandarin may appear in this, with many trees covering old abode? PINY,IN – Chinese writing system.  IN=inn
‘Pocketed’ animal? Men depict this running wild KOALA – wordplay? running wild=amok… so? Richard points out this is a comp. anag. (‘Pocketed’ animal)* == (men, depict, KOALA)*.  Of course.
Treatment for arthritis: might subcontinental leader suggest this? (7) INDOCID – it’s an arthritic medicine and INDO is a geo-prefix for India but CID? Likewise Richard notes: CID=chief so…
Jump over settle, quite plain CLEAR – 4 meanings: each word contributes.
A Queen song, new one produced in early Feb? A,QU,ARIA,N – ref. the zodiac sign (Jan 21 to Feb 20)
E.g. one beginning to feel the effect of anaesthesia (6) NUMBER – two defs
Young ladies seen as absorbing love objects G(O)ALS – my last clue — though not that difficult really.
Egret’s mashed up, trapped in old-fashioned back shock absorber (2 words) ARRE(STER GE)AR – egrets* in ARREAR — interestingly also rev(egret’s) in ARREAR but that’s not the wordplay.
Matting set under plates? DENTURES*
Hospital stuff involving basket weaving or knitwear? H,OSIERY
Spaniel losing tail in snare SPRINGE[r] – snare, ref. Springer spaniel
City’s old native quarter in the middle – couple finally changing places MEDINA – middle=median->medina
There’s little money in writing, and it’s rarely stinted SCRI(M)P
Wilder (say) when one’s bottled? That may or may not be true of me! GEN(I)E – ref. Gene Wilder
Fish caught in trap I raised PIRAI – hidden, ferocious S. Am. river fish
Like some ancient books Kipling’s priest’s opening for Christmas EDDI,C – ref. Kipling’s Eddi’s Service.

4 Responses to “Azed 2025/Carte Blanche”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    The KOALA clue is a comp. anag. & lit.: POCKETEDANIMAL* = MENDEPICTKOALA.

    Re INDOCID, ‘cid’ = chief, so ‘subcontinental leader’ suggests ‘Indo-cid’.

  2. ilancaron says:

    Indeed — thanks Richard. I’m surprised I missed both of those (and of course El Cid). Oh well.

  3. Mick H says:

    I enjoyed this more than the usual Azeds, but found it quite hard. Made me realise how much I normally rely on the generous cross-checking in his puzzles. Cold-solving that many of them is a real challenge.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    This took me about double my usual maximum time for a Plain Azed and was well worth the effort. I got started on the grid with GOPIK and KOALA: if you assume that Azed would not give you two unchecked letters in a five-letter word, this means that GOPIK has to start in the top left-hand corner for KOALA to be the fourth down clue.

    Lovely to see a word (REDUVIID) that allows “seven” in a clue to stand for the Roman numeral.

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