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Independent 7626 by Bannsider (Saturday Prize Puzzle 26 March 2011)

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 2nd April 2011


No fancy themes, or ninas, from Bannsider this week – or at least none that I could find! Just a good old-fashioned hard mental workout for a Saturday morning. Oh, and a bit of Sunday, and then a bit of finishing off on Monday and Tuesday…

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Enigmatic Variations No 959 Hobson’s Choice by Jaques

Posted by twencelas on 2nd April 2011


Well – what is the Hobson’s choice of the title to be this week to complete it or to complete it? A fairly standard preamble – additional letters in the subsidiary quotation lead to a quote and its originator. Then 36 cells are to be shaded “appropriately”. However, one answer is declared wrong in Chambers – whatever next!

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Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,280 by Paul

Posted by PeeDee on 2nd April 2011


Themed puzzles are coming thick and fast these days, and the theme in this one seemed to occupy most of the grid.  As always, some will enjoy this type of crossword more than others.  The themed clues all have detailed constuctions for the solutions, so its not a case of either knowing the theme or not, it is all there to be worked out, so fair’s fair on this one I think.

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