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Independent on Sunday 1102: Independent on Sunday 1102: Quixote signs off

Posted by jetdoc on April 3rd, 2011


The final puzzle in a very long run from Quixote, who will now make appearances in the daily Independent. Thanks to him for so many sound and accessible puzzles.

1 DURESS Outside university prepare for threats
U = university; DRESS = prepare
4 DIRECTOR I had backed minister, as one of the bosses
DI = I’d, reversed; RECTOR = minister
9 SO FAR Female in the ascent up to now
F = female; SOAR = ascent (not given as a noun in Chambers, though)
10 PROMISING I perform as musician at end of concert, as an up-and-coming artist?
PROM = concert; I SING
11 ISTHMUS Land with sea either side – this ground mostly soft pulpy stuff?
*(this); MUS[h]
12 ANTIGEN Biological substance with which lady ensnares cat without tail
ANN = woman’s name; TIGE[r]
13 CORRELATION Connection made with member of family getting expression of surprise at first
COR = expression of surprise; RELATION = member of family
17 GREEN KEEPER Groundsman, inexperienced fellow on the cricket field?
GREEN = inexperienced; [wicket]KEEPER
20 TIP-CART One policeman that’s keen to get around in vehicle
I PC = one policeman; TART = keen. A cart emptied by being tilted up
21 SPLIT UP Separated, without children, and animated
SP = without children (sine prole); LIT UP = animated
23 MARTINMAS Flaw with matins arranged for saint’s day
MAR = flaw (which can be a verb); *(matins)
24 LIEGE The province of sovereign or subject
Double definition — the easternmost province of Belgium; a person under a feudal tenure; a vassal; a loyal vassal, a subject; a lord or superior
25 YOUNGEST Unfortunate guy set on as the most junior
*(guy set on)
26 YEASTY Indeed, dirty place may be restless and turbulent
YEA = indeed, yes (archaic); STY = dirty place
1 DISTINCT Individual with record time raking in the money
DISC T = record time; TIN = money
2 REFUTERS They offer contrary evidence and sure fret when shown to be wrong
*(sure fret)
3 STRUM Sound odd when going after holy woman?
ST = saint, holy woman; RUM = odd
5 ISOLATIONISTS Liaisons? To sit out might suit them
*(Liaisons To sit)
6 EXISTENCE Being one with a history of being loved, is joining number going to church
EX = one with a history of being loved; IS; TEN = number; CE = church (Church of England)
7 TWINGE Pain shown by women in flush?
W = women; TINGE = flush
8 RAGING Furious student event with booze being imbibed
RAG = student event; GIN = booze
10 POSTAGE STAMPS Team’s stopgaps being trained — they don’t get licked the way they used to be
*(Team’s stopgaps). Postage stamps don’t need to be licked any more.
14 ENGRAVING Impression of English — mad?
ENG = English; RAVING = mad
15 SPOTLESS Miss more when looking, being innocent
If you miss more when looking, you spot less.
16 PROPHESY Support the man’s yen to be a Jeremiah?
PROP = support; HE’S = the man’s; Y = yen. A Jeremiah is a person who continually prophesies doom.
18 STUMPY Short and thickset agent with stomach to hide
SPY agent; TUM = stomach
19 APERCU Brief comment from a copper for each getting nabbed
A CU = a copper; PER = for each
22 LILLE The French getting sick in one of their cities
LE = the, in French; ILL = sick

4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1102: Independent on Sunday 1102: Quixote signs off”

  1. Quixote says:

    Thanks jetdoc. Did anyone spot the diagonal signing off? Back tomorrow!

  2. jetdoc says:

    Ah, now I see it! I thought there would be something

  3. Handel says:

    Congrats on this milestone puzzle! Look forward to your contributions in the daily editions.

  4. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks, Jane and of course Quixote. Seems we didn’t have long to wait for a weekday appearance!

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