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Independent 7636 by Monk

Posted by flashling on 7th April 2011


Monk is back on the scene it seems, his web site used to say he hides his name in the grid. I can’t see it if he has though, but there are a lot of M’s O’s N’s and K’s in the grid.

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Guardian 25,290 / Brendan

Posted by mhl on 7th April 2011


Another wonderful puzzle from Brendan, with precise and elegant cluing. (I found the bottom half much easier than the top here, but perhaps that was just me…)

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Financial Times 13,662 / Hamilton

Posted by smiffy on 7th April 2011


One of those puzzles that (unusually and belatedly) only struck me as being potentially tricky during the blogging process, rather than the solving process.  It all seemed to drop into place quite readily but, with hindsight, smells a bit like  it could be one of those where much of the general knowledge required (e.g. 15A, 24A, 18D, 19D, 22D) coincided neatly with my own trivia pursuits.  Did your mileage vary?

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Financial Times 13,653 / Mudd

Posted by Agentzero on 7th April 2011


FT Prize Puzzle of Monday March 28

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Financial Times 13,652 by Bradman

Posted by Pete Maclean on 7th April 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of March 26
Bradman is, as far as I know, new to Weekend prize puzzles but I am familiar with him thanks to his weekday crosswords. His puzzles can be tricky as he tends to use slightly more obscure words and meanings that the regulars. I found this puzzle reasonable easy except for the bottom-right corner where 27A and 23D stumped me for a while. I am still not quite sure that I have the right answers there and there is one other clue I am unsure about, 22A (SPAN). My favourite clues are 15A (DICTATORSHIP) and 17D (BEN NEVIS).

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