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Financial Times 13,662 / Hamilton

Posted by smiffy on April 7th, 2011


One of those puzzles that (unusually and belatedly) only struck me as being potentially tricky during the blogging process, rather than the solving process.  It all seemed to drop into place quite readily but, with hindsight, smells a bit like  it could be one of those where much of the general knowledge required (e.g. 15A, 24A, 18D, 19D, 22D) coincided neatly with my own trivia pursuits.  Did your mileage vary?

1 BLEACH – b{loodsucker} + homophone of “leech” (=’what it does’).
4 ACCREDIT – Ac + direct*.
10 RIPOSTE – (priest + 0)*.  A teaspoonful of indirectness in the anagram fodder.
11 NOTICED – not iced.
12 NEON - hidden in ‘gone on’.  The use of (element) No. 10 is quite niftily exploited to provide a superficial political surface.  But surely  it should be ‘embracing ‘, rather than ‘to embrace’?
13 FREE-FOR-ALL - punning double def’n.
15 GRACED – (W.G.) Grace (or, less notoriously, one of his sundry sibling teammates) + d[egree].
16 STARKER – starker{s} (= in one’s birthday suit, or the nuddy).
20 DECLARE - Dec + real*.
21 EDUCED - {r}educed.
24 BUDDY HOLLY - buddy + Holly.  That’ll Be the Day, being one of his ditties.
26 DODO - do (=’perform’)  + do (=’trick’).  Works for me!
28 TOCCATA – cat in coat*.
29 PRIMULA - (pelargonium)* – gone.  Mighty relieved that recognition of what a pelargonium is, was not a prerequisite for solving this clue.  Botany will never be my strong suit.
30 REDEEMED - (Dee + me) in Red.
31 LAMENT – amen in Lt (Lieutenant).

1 BARONAGE – bar + on + age.  Debrett’s being the Toffopaedia.
2 ESPIONAGE - (sea pigeon)*.  Curiously, the second of today’s clues (with 24A) that starts with the name of a famous racehorse.
3 CASE – double def’n.
5 CONFETTI – punning def’n.
6 RETROGRADE - re + (org* in trade).  ‘bent organisation, in short’  is pretty dense wordplay; layering on an abbreviation indicator, an anagrind and an insertion).
8 TODDLE - todd{y} + le.
9 MERRY – double def’n….of sorts.
14 SELL-BY-DATE - cryptic def’n.
17 ENCLOSURE – (cures Noel)*.
18 ARROGATE – {H}arrogate.  Not a town that’s often associated with toplessness.  Serving as the  host venue for the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1982 was probably about as raunchy as things have ever got there.
19 ADVOCAAT – advoca{te} – ta<.
22/7 OBITER DICTA - bit in (erotic ad)*.  A judicial aside.
23 ELOPE – (E + Pole)<.
25 DICED – double def’n.
27 PICA - alternate letters in ‘paid chap’.

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,662 / Hamilton”

  1. bamberger says:

    Got about 2/3 out. Annoyingly I had iced for the last part of 11a. Not should have but didn’t come to mind.
    6d Too convoluted for me.

  2. Richard says:

    I enjoyed the challenge of this one. It had good variety of clue styles and solution subject matter.
    I thought 5dn was a poor clue, though.

  3. canalonly says:

    I enjoyed it very much but would agree that 5dn was quite weak. Hey ho – wish i could do what the setters do day in day out. thanks for puzzle and blog

  4. tony welsh says:

    Got all but CONFETTI and I still don’t get the clue. What pun?

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