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Independent 7636 by Monk

Posted by flashling on April 7th, 2011


Monk is back on the scene it seems, his web site used to say he hides his name in the grid. I can’t see it if he has though, but there are a lot of M’s O’s N’s and K’s in the grid.

Apart from the outside there doesn’t appear to be a theme, the longer clues around the grid have a not so much rhyming as repeated words in them. A couple of rare (to me) words in the SE corner and one I don’t really get. (No surprise there then)


1 Bag Gab rev for gossip, not exactly PC
3 Yackety-yack YET* in 2 x YACK (hom YAK hence oxen)
9 Melissa E(nglish) L(ake) in MISS + A
10 Sunspot Sunlight causes tanning – dark spots on the Sun. Or the shadow of Rupert Murdoch?
11 Iceni [(med)ICINE* (man)
13 Wheat germ W(ife) HEAT + REG (a bloke) rev + M(arried)
15 Yardarm (MY RADAR)* semi &lit
16 Beefier [E(ast) E(uropean) FIBRE]*
17 Air At fIxed peRiods progressive letters, sneaky!
18 Upsilon UP ON around SkIlS
20 Ondatra ON + R in DATA they’re muskrats
22 Pre-empted P (soft) + EMPT(y) in REED
24 Sided Last letters of mrS gandhI uniteD wE stanD
25 Rat race RA + TRACE
26 Agitato A GIT + OAT(s)* I know git is crosswordese for fool, still doesn’t work for me in my mind’s usage.
28 Etch a sketch (A CHEST)* (anagrind loaded) + KETCH
29 Eye Every third letter of twEntY onE. Monk seems to be playing this type of game a lot today
1 Bumpity-bump PITY (Ruth) in 2 x BUM (tramp) + P(arking)
2 Gel LEG (cricket’s on) rev Begin to work as teams do when said they’re starting to gel
3 Yeshiva (IVY [leagu]E HAS)* I use this word every day don’t you? /end sarcasm
4 Charwoman No I in CHA(i)RWOMAN
5 Ensue U in several compass points
6 Yangtze (GET ZANY)*
7 Appreciated (ADAPT(s) RECIPE)*
8 Kit KIT(e) I’ve always thought of kitten rather than kit, but hey I’ve got 4 & 3/4 cats.
12 Eurosceptic (PERU CO(mpany) CITES)*
14 More and more M(ale) + N in OREAD + (Thomas) MORE
16 Broadcast Can’t really see this. Outside Broadcasting = (seed) drilling = boring? clue: Outside this programme it could be tedious. Edit see comment by Scchua for the explanantion, thanks.
19 Lambada BAD in LAMA
21 Distich TIC in DISH – a couplet
22 Tweak T(he) WEAK
25 Rye (sp)Y in RE – The catcher in the …
27 Ape APE(x)

11 Responses to “Independent 7636 by Monk”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, flashling.

    Enjoyed this one. Needed your help to understand a few, but generally it went in pretty steadily. I’m starting to get better at getting unfamiliar terms from the wordplay alone, so was pleased to get DISTICH in this way today. Both the YACKETY-YACK and BUMPITY-BUMP clues were funny. Thought it might be a pangram, but there’s no X.

    At 8dn, I took KIT to mean a young beaver. And without wanting to go off-topic, if you can’t be a little bit pregnant, how can you have 4.75 cats?

  2. Derrick Knight says:

    Great to see MONK back on board with his usual elegant, witty clueing.

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling for the blog.

    First, 16D BROADCAST I think it’s one of those answers which is an anagram indicator. “Outside” broadcast becomes “tedious”. Also refers to an “outside broadcast programme”. Thus when substituted, the clue reads “Outside broadcast, it could be tedious.”

  4. scchua says:

    Second, thanks to Monk for a puzzle, difficult in parts but, as with most of his puzzles, I felt sure I could complete it given reasonable time and a bit of research (YESHIVA, ONDRATA).

    Favourites were 17A AIR, liked the “progressive” device, 3A YACKETY-YACK, spent some time thinking science, and 14D MORE AND MORE, coincidentally that same homonym as yesterday’s.

    PS. Comforting (sort of) to see even setters (unwittingly) lapse into Americanese, not on a daily basis, but on an occasional basis (oops!) cf.18A :)

  5. Monk says:

    Thanks to all for the review and comments above. Without Flashling’s email address, I have no alternative but to use this blog to ask where (I can’t find it!) on my website does it say that Monk “always hides his name in the grid“? I did it a few times many years ago, so I need to delete that defunct information. But it might be true that I still use a seed/Nina to start filling a grid … (No problem, Flashling, in getting back to me outside 15^2 via the email address on my site. Many thanks.) Edit by flashling: Apologies just remembering what it used to say.

  6. walruss says:

    Good puzzle from Monk, who we don’t see a lot. I know it isn’t PC but I did like the BAG one!! Ans anyway, I’m fed up with PC.

  7. spb says:

    I really enjoyed this puzzle and especially liked 25d. 20a, 26a and 21d were all new to me but all solvable from the clues which is the mark of a good setter.

  8. nmsindy says:

    Great to see Monk back in various outlets, after something of a break, with his very distinctive, yes hard, but always fair clues with wordplay often leading successfully to a less familiar word. My favourite today was SUNSPOT. Thanks, Monk, and flashling for the blog.

  9. BertandJoyce says:

    Could 16d be broad cast(anagram) = board, sounds like bored = tedious?

    A struggle to finish but it IS Thursday! There were a few too many unusual words which took some puzzling out but we did manage to finish it tonight rather than leave it until the morning like last Thursday!

    Thanks Monk and flashling.

  10. Scarpia says:

    Thanks flashling..
    and Monk for a super puzzle.
    Some unusual vocabulary but all fairly clued.I was held up by my own misspelling in 3 across,I thought it was double K,probably due to half remembering the old Coasters song.
    I suppose the Lama in 19 down could be the hidden monk!

  11. Paul B says:

    Bert & Joyce: the clue has already been explained by Scchua. OUTSIDE is an anagram of TEDIOUS, and that’s what Monk’s exploiting here.

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