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Financial Times 13,663 / Jason

Posted by Gaufrid on April 8th, 2011


Shuchi is away today so I have the pleasure of covering this light-hearted puzzle from Jason.

Nothing particularly difficult, in fact it was over all too quickly, but I was left feeling cheery, though perhaps the sun streaming in through the window helped as well.

1 DOGHOUSE cryptic def.
5 ANCHOR hidden in ‘IndiAN CHOReography’
9 ALL CLEAR CALL (telephone) LEAR (poet) with C (about) moved along – Edward Lear
10 AGENDA END (finish) in AGA (stove)
11 ARRANGER A RR (k-king) ANGER (irritation)
12 STRAYS ST (street) homophone of ‘raise’ (get up)
18 GROUND CREW G (good) ROUND (routine) CREW (bunch)
22 TEETER T[w]EETER (wife leaves online chatterer)
23 CARD GAME CAR (motor) [parke]D GAME (up for)
24 MAROON AR (Arabian) in MOON (gaze vacantly)
25 COMEDIAN CO (firm) MEDIAN (middle) – a reference to Bob Hope
26 RASHER *(SHARE) R (little resistance)
27 TROTTERS T (time) ROTTERS (beasts)
1 DRAMAS MAR (march) in SAD (wretched) reversed
2 GALORE GAL (girl) ÖRE or ØRE (Scandinavian brass {money})
3 OBLONG O (old) B (book) LONG (extended)
4 STAGECOACH STAGE COACH (theatrical trainer)
7 HEN PARTY N (new) P (pressure) in HARTY (lively)
8 REASSERT RE (on) A TRESS (lock) reversed
15 EGG TIMER EG (for example) G[rumble) REMIT (brief) reversed
17 ENVELOPE [m]EN (chaps with nowt up top) V (see {vide}) ELOPE (bolt)
19 ADVERT D (departs) in AVERT (shift)
20 MALICE M (maiden) ALICE (who chased a white rabbit)
21 TENNIS NET (clear) reversed SIN (fault) reversed – by an extraordinary coincidence 21dn in today’s Indy has the same answer!

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,663 / Jason”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thank you, Gaufrid.

    An enjoyable puzzle, as you say, with many good clues, especially, I thought, 1,9 and 14ac and 7 and 13 dn.

    I’m afraid I ground to a halt in the bottom right corner – this is one of those grids which don’t give much of an entry from the other parts of the puzzle and I only had the A from CINEMAGOER!

    I don’t think I would ever have seen through ‘nap perhaps’, nor trained horses as trotters.

    I was very impressed with the economical wordplay of 21dn [once I saw the answer!] with the two reversal indicators combining in such a smooth surface and the reference to ‘fault’.

  2. bamberger says:

    I made steady progress for 30 mins , completing the NE and making some headway in the SW but then ground to a complete halt and 30 mins further effort yielded nothing.
    9a While I know lear is a poet there are hundreds of others so that didn’t really help and without checking letters from 1,2&4 d I couldn’t get this.
    11a I didn’t know what to make of k-king. I’ll know for the next time.
    24a If you’d asked me what moon meant, I would have said it was what certain groups of men do out of the back of coaches on motorways -and that doesn’t involve staring vacantly.
    25a I think the reference to Bob Hope is a bit dated.
    2d I would never have got that -of course Cyclops in Private Eye would have another meaning for Scandanavian brass. Danish tart, perhaps?
    17d v=v(ide) I think is very hard

    As usual thanks for making it all clear.

  3. Dreadnought says:

    Yes thank you to Jason and Gaufrid.
    I enjoyed this because I thought it was medium hard, but a little perspiration cracked it. But irritated that I couldn’t get 25 without help, and tennis is my main game, how could I have missed 21? Aargh!
    Quibble with 18: surely men and bunch are the same I.e. Crew so it doesn’t really work for me.
    But loved 17 definition, reminds me of trad corporate speak “focus like a laser”, “line up our ducks in a row” etc..almost makes me miss my cubicle. Not.

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