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Independent 7632 by Nestor (Saturday Prize Puzzle 2 April 2011)

Posted by twencelas on April 9th, 2011


A pleasing puzzle from Nestor this week. Certainly, a little easier than the last couple of weeks.

Some lovely clues 28 across was probably my favourite – quite surreal, though there were other illustrious candidates, some marvellous surfaces 25 across, 4 and 8 down amused me equally, whilst 23 ac had a pleasing misdirection (broadcast meaning form an anagram of, rather than an indication of a homophone).

As for hidden messages – nothing I could find, so please enlighten me if there is one, there’s a Mum in the fourth row from the bottom, which had me thinking of Mother’s day coming up, and a high density of answers with repeated letters.

All in all a very pleasing puzzle and nice for a change to not need to refer to Chambers.

Key used below:

* Anagram, Rev. reverse, Definition in brackets after grid entry


1 Coming up (imminent) + fora (discussion meetings – plural of forum) + I + r (run) = COMING UP FOR AIR (Novel by George Orwell)
9 e (energy) + f (following) + fete (fundraiser) = EFFETE (lacking vigour)
10 o (nothing) + pent (suppressed) + oed (dictionary) = OPEN-TOED (allowing digital flexibility)
11 loss (deprivation) + I (one) + a (area) in cons (conservative) = COLOSSIANS (Book of paul’s epistles in the Bible)
13 Rev. (lAdYbOyS) i.e. avoid every other = SOYA (protein source)
14 l (left) + eu (Europe) in hop (short flight) = HOLE UP (to lie low)
16 ar (extremely i.e. ends of administrator) + of (concerned with) in clef (staff) = CLEAR OFF (Leave)
18 pre-teen (someone about 12) – e (English) + ce (church) = PRETENCE (false claim)
20 l (liberal) in RATTY ( Bank occupier in wind in the willows) = RATTLY (perhaps knocking)
21 Our Bank Of England leaders = OBOE (wind instrument)
23 (starsintro)* indicated by broadcast which is often used to indicate a sound related clue also = TRANSISTOR (as in a wireless [radio] rather than being a wireless device)
25 auto’s (car’s (usa)) + ave (welcome) = AUTOSAVE (precaution against [computer] crashes)
26 Rev (sure (certain) + tum (abdominal part) – m (male)) = UTERUS
28 and (as well) in banger smash (car crash) = BANGERS AND MASH (Often bolted down (eaten) in pub)

2 of four (a young age) around col (11 across) = OFF COLOUR (naughty)
3 dice (gamble) – d (diamonds) = ICE (diamonds)
4 guests (hotel customers) – t (time) = GUESS (imagine)
5 (or as)* in pic (film) + PROSAIC (Not romantic)
6 (voters)* + eer (always) = OVERSTEER (swing too far one way)
7 altos (singer) _+ u (united) in Rev (start (opening)) = ALTOSTRATUS (high cover? i.e. clouds)
8 remedy (cure) – m (millions) = REEDY (like the sound of oboe (21 across))
12 oven (baker) around (more hot)* = OVER THE MOON (Delighted)
15 (neat cut-up)* = PUNCTUATE (add marks to)
17 fops (vain mains) around l (learner) + low (disheartened) + u (university) = FOLLOW UPS (further examinations)
19 Rev. Hidden (carliSLE MAN Eagerly) = ENAMELS (Coats (of paint))
22 blur (smear) + b (book) = BLURB (as in book promotion text Cryptic definition)
24 r (republican) = spun (twisted) = SPURN (disdain)
27 l (line) between tops (start) of Erz Mountains) = ELM (Timber – tree)

One Response to “Independent 7632 by Nestor (Saturday Prize Puzzle 2 April 2011)”

  1. Allan_C says:

    Thanks Nestor for the puzzle and twencelas for the blog. Nothing too difficult though i was a bit slow remembering COMING UP FOR AIR – not as memorable as 1984, Animal Farm, etc.
    Liked 26a – something of an &lit, methinks.

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