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Independent on Sunday 1103 / Crosophile

Posted by Gaufrid on April 10th, 2011


I don’t know what’s happened to the scheduled blogger today but as he hasn’t turned up here is a quick analysis of the clues. As I solved this puzzle a week ago I don’t remember too much about it but the note on the top of my copy says “very easy”.

1 CATCH UP double def.
5 GLASSES G (good) LASSES (girls)
9 PRESIDENT P (parking) RESIDENT (living in)
10 MEANS E[nough] in MAN’S (man is)
11 COMPETITION if PETIT (little French) I (one) is replaced by M (mass) you get COMMON (usual)
13 RYE homophone of ‘wry’ (cross-grained) – Chambers defines both cross-grained and wry as “perverse”
14 TOIL TOIL[e] (cheap material cut)
16 WITCHCRAFT RAF (flying force) in W (women) C[a]T[s] around ITCH (burn)
18 CONSTRAINT CONS (studies) RAIN (wet weather) in TT (dry)
19 VEND V (very) END (last bit)
22 AIR [p]AIR (twins shifting piano)
25 NIMBI homophone of ‘nimby’ (not where I live, say) – Not In My Back Yard
26 SHIPSHAPE SHIP SHAPE (resembling a cutter)
27 LASAGNE SAG (dip) in LANE (course)
1 COPYCAT P (soft) YC (Young Conservatives) in COAT (Burberry)
2 THERM R (take) in THEM (those ones) – I was under the impression that convention dictates that the definition should be at the start or the end of the clue which is not the case here. Padding has been added before the definition to create the surface.
3 HEIFER HE (this man) IF (providing) ER (emergency room)
4 PRECIPITATE double def.
5 GUT TUG (pull) reversed
6 ALMANACS CAN (may) A (are) reversed in ALMS (charitable donations)
8 SUSPECT US (America) reversed SP (odds) ECT (shocking treatment)
15 IGNORAMUS hidden in ‘bIG NOR AMUSing’
17 STRIKING double def.
18 CHANNEL ANNE (a female) in CH (children) L (left)
20 DISTEND *(I SENT) in DD (diamonds)
21 HASSLE HAS (owns) SLE[d] (traditional snow-mobile that’s endless)
24 ELAND ELAN (dash) [fiel]D
26 SUE double def.

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  1. flashling says:

    apologies to all my internet connection has died.. Thanks to gaufrid for the cover. I knew i should have posted it earlier. Sent I hope from my phone so bear with me for any errors. Should be ok for wednesday.

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