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Cyclops 440: Self-referential

Posted by jetdoc on April 11th, 2011


I thought this was a pretty straightforward Cyclops — solved in one easy session (not meaning to sound smug, of course). Clues that made me smile included 13a and 23a.

1 CYCLOPS City emptied by Conservative cuts gets me
C[it]Y; C = Conservative; LOPS = cuts
5 SIX-PACK Dicky swallows unknown quantity every year (evidence of well-developed male)
SICK = dicky; X + unknown quantity; PA = every year (per annum)
10 CENSORSHIP Cutting procedure develops his penis — cor, I should go!
*(h[i]s penis cor); ‘cutting procedure’ is the definition.
11 NICK Can Clegg …
Double definition — ‘nick’ and ’can’ are both words for prison or custody cell; Nick Clegg.
12 EDISON … an inventive sort, move ‘onside’?
13 BAWLS OUT Report of bollocks on display is very critical
Sounds like “Balls out”
14 SNOB Superior type of prick, having opening replaced
[k]NOB = prick; K replaced by S. Definition: superior type
16 ROGERING Shagging ‘goer’ stupid is welcomed by band
*(goer); in RING = band
18 FREELOAD Leader of nuts, so wine and dine at others’ expense
*(Leader of)
21 YANK American shaggy creature penetrated by penis, centrally
YAK = shaggy creature; N =
23 APRES SKI Fancy a pisser hosting Kelvin’s Klosters entertainment?
*(a pisser K). Klosters. Great anagram
24 NO GOOD Pisspoor Bob eats crud
NOD = bob (move up and down); GOO = crud
26/25 LORD GNOME His organ is handled by many — God! A very small one!
I sort of assumed the word play goes: LORD = God; GNOME = a very small [mythical sprite]. But I think I may have missed something more subtle. Lord Gnome’s organ is Private Eye itself.
27 ON THE ROCKS In difficulties? Not he, twirling balls
*(not he); ROCKS = testicles (vulgar according to Chambers
28 WEAR OFF Become less intense when wife takes organ away
W = wife; EAR = organ; OFF = away
29 ENTENTE Government enterprise stifles political understanding
Hidden in ‘Government enterprise’
2 YIELDING Bending end of fanny injured Di in leg
*(Y Di in leg), where Y = end of fanny
3 LISPS Says “thin” not “sin”? Lost – then piss off!
L = lost (presumably; can’t find it in Chambers; *(piss)
4 PARTNER Live-in lover? Boring idiot endlessly after a bit!
PART = a bit; NER[d] = Boring idiot endlessly
6 IN POWER Prone to tangle with WI, Cameron would prefer to be completely so
*(prone WI). Let’s just be grateful that Cameron isn’t completely so — things could be even worse!
7 PENIS ENVY Dick secretly in demand by women who have this?
Why ‘secretly’? I suppose it’s not something you’d admit to. Personally, I have greenhouse envy.
8 COCK-UP Boner gets Willy out of bed
According to Chambers, ‘boner’ can mean ‘a howler, a blunder’.
9 THE BIG SOCIETY Cameron’s ‘baby’ article on large group dismissed by Thatcher
THE = article; BIG SOCIETY = large group. Aargh!
15 BARTENDER Pissed Brenda takes right honourable’s rear for a source of booze
*(Brenda); RT = right; E = honourable’s rear
17 IN POCKET So, not at a loss as to where to put your balls, when at table?
Double definition — when playing snooker, pool or billiards, you would aim to put the balls in the pockets.
19 EASE OFF Drug unavailable, reportedly, so relax
Sounds like “E’s off”
20 DUNGEON Prison shit takes a long time
DUNG = shit; EON = a long time
22 OPPOSE Function like Labour MPs in Westminster, mate, with sex curtailed
OPPO = mate; SE[x]

They’re making a film about the life of the late Edward Stobart. It should be good, if the trailer’s anything to go by.

4 Responses to “Cyclops 440: Self-referential”

  1. Dreadnought says:

    Thanks for the blog, jetdoc. And of course thanks to cyclops for a nicely scatological solve, as usual. Yes I can’t parse 26, either.

    Minor typo: 15d end of honorable is e, not t.

    Does Norbert dentressangle (sp?) feature at all in the film? I’ve lived abroad for so long, I don’t know who’s who in uk lorry driving…and is he called “nobby” by his friends, so instantly becoming a ref for Cyclops?

  2. malc95 says:

    Thanks jetdoc.

    3d – L = lost probably refers to football league tables:
    W = no. of matches won, D = drawn & L = lost.

    7d – I just took “secretly in demand” as a sort of definition for “envy”, although the grammar would be a bit dodgy.

  3. jetdoc says:

    Thanks for pointing out the typo, Dreadnought. And I have always found the name Norbert Dentressangle fascinating.

    Yes, Malc95, I also sort-of assumed L = ‘lost’. But Chambers doesn’t give it.

  4. Gaufrid says:

    Hi jetdoc
    Nor does Collins but L=lost is in COED.

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