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Guardian Quiptic 595 Orlando

Posted by scchua on April 11th, 2011


Once I got going, it was quite smooth.  Some nice clues.  Thanks Orlando, enjoyed this.


9 Going out to Chile in old age (9)
NEOLITHIC :  Anagram(Going out) of TO CHILE IN.  Defn:  In particular, descriptive of the last phase (“neo-” or new, later) of the Stone (“-lithic) Age, or, in general, of an outdated era. 

10 Fruit with large stone (5)
PEARL :  PEAR(Fruit) + L(abbreviation for large).  Defn:  Not strictly a stone, but still a gem.

11 In Minnesota citizenship is implied (5)
TACIT :  Hidden(In) MinnesoTA CITizenship.

12 Easily managed vehicle reversing on flat surface (9)
TRACTABLE :  Reversing CART(vehicleon TABLE(flat surface).

13 Delivery made by down-to-earth supplier (7)
AIRDROP :  Cryptic defn:  Getting supplies to otherwise inaccessible areas by dropping from aircraft.

14 Very young cat I lost in the old city (7)
BABYLON :  BABY(Very young) + LiON(cat) minus(lost) I.  Defn:  old city of Biblical times.

17 Plants in front of Criterion before start of play (5)
CACTI :  First letter(front) of Criterion, before ACTI(Act 1, start of play). 

19 Condensation, so we hear, that’s expected (3)
DUE :  Homophone(so we hear) of Dew(Condensation).  Defn:  As in “the flight is due to arrive in an hour”

20 Long period ending in autumn (5)
YEARN :  YEAR(period) + last letter of(ending inautumN.  Defn:  Long for.

21 Stories involving National Trust gifts (7)
TALENTS :  TALES(Stories) around(involving) NT(abbreviation for National Trust).  Defn:  Gifts you naturally have, which make you talented.

22 Essay about one mathematical function in three volumes? (7)
TRILOGY :  TRY(Essay) around(about) I(one) LOG(mathematical function, used to simplify multiplications & divisions).  Defn:  Literary work in three volumes eg. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

24 Warner is resolute, seizing genuine article (4,5)
FIRE ALARM :  FIRM(resolute) around(seizing) REAL(genuine) A(article).  Defn:  Something that warns, a warner.

26 Cheese is found by female barrister (5)
BRIEF :  BRIE(Cheese) by F(female).  Defn:  A barrister (don’t be misled, could be male as well), who presents your case  in court according to the brief he or she’s been given.  Slang has it as “brief” rather than “briefer”, someone who briefs, cf “warner”. 

28 Going astray dooms wicked old city (5)
SODOM :  Anagram(Going astray) of DOOMS.  Defn:  Another old city of Biblical times, this one even more wicked, with goings-on that are outlawed still (in parts of the world).  Ultimately destroyed for its wickedness.  Favourite clue today for its excellent surface:  the place was doomed for going astray.

29 Tom Cruise is cast as an outfitter (9)
COSTUMIER :  Anagram(cast) of TOM CRUISE.  Defn:  One who fits you out sartorially.


1 Speed required in tying this? (4)
KNOT :  Double defn:  1st:  Speed at sea = 1 sea mile per hour, and 2nd:  what’s required for tying.

2 Fool and  knave see eye to eye (6)
CONCUR :  CON(Fool) CUR(knave).  Defn:  Agree with one another.

3 Monk withdrawing just so rite can change (10)
CISTERCIAN :  Reverse(withdrawing) SIC(inserted in text to indicate a word or phrase is quoted verbatim,just so, misteaks (sic) and all) + anagram(change) of RITE CAN.  Defn:  Monk of the said French order.

4 Keep mum confined (4,2)
SHUT UP :  Double defn:  1st: Keep mum, as in Quiet! or…  and 2nd: … you’ll be confined to your room.

5 Special constable starts to take country walks and do some climbing (8)
SCRAMBLE :  SC(abbreviation for Special constable) + RAMBLE(take country walks).  Defn:  Use hands and feet climbing up an incline/hill.  Good surface reading as country walks invariably include going up inclines and hills.

6 Sight site (4)
SPOT :  Double defn:  1st: Sight as verb and 2nd: Site as noun.

7 Spoil girl in Spanish resort (8)
MARBELLA :  MAR(Spoil) BELLA(girl, Italian origin).  Defn:  Spanish resort in the Costa del Sol

8 Plant used first of all in astringent lotions or embrocations (4)
ALOE :  ALOE(First letters of the words Astringent Lotions Or Embrocations).  An &lit clue:  The plant is used as an ingredient in astringent lotions or embrocations.

13 Racecourse for a person from Kelso, say (5)
ASCOT :  A SCOT(a person from Kelso, a town in Scotland).  Defn:  The Racecourse in England.

15 Police wrong to stop little nursery rhyme character (4,2,4)
BOYS IN BLUE :  SIN(wrong) in(stop) BOY BLUE(little character in nursery rhyme, which goes “Little boy blue, come blow your horn….”.  Defn:  Police, from the colour of their uniforms.

16 Silly Billy — name in case of necessity (5)
NINNY :  N(name) IN NY(case,ie. first and last letters, of the word necessity).  Defn:  A clown, ie. a Silly Billy.

18 Pass over Oregon and notice nothing in state (8)
COLORADO :  COL(Pass, depression between mountains) OR(abbreviation for American state of Oregon) AD[vertisement](notice as noun) O(nothing).  Defn:  Another American state.

19 Extent to which tides can flow? (8)
DISTANCE :  Anagram(flow) of TIDES CAN.

22 Openers for Australia, maybe, in cricket match providing fewest thrills (6)
TAMEST :  AM(first letters, Openers for, of the words Australia, maybein TEST(cricket match).  Defn:  If you’re not a cricket fan, how you would describe some of the matches.

23 Girl with land in South America first off (6)
OLIVIA :  [b]OLIVIA(state,land in South America with first letter deleted,off)

24 Don’t eat quickly (4)
FAST :  Double defn:  1st:  Starve and 2nd: quickly

25 Girl embracing first of regular soldiers (4)
ARMY :  AMY(Girl) around(embracing) R(first letter of the word regular).  Defn:  Body of  soldiers, could be regulars or irregulars.

27 Trees not entirely original (4)
FIRS :  FIRS[t] (incomplete,not entirely, spelling of the word FIRST,original).

4 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 595 Orlando”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, scchua, for a fine blog, which I’m sure will be appreciated today.

    I thought this was a very enjoyable puzzle from Orlando, with some clever clueing, which in one or two places like NINNY and CISTERCIAN was perhaps too sophisticated for a Quiptic.

    My favourite was SODOM too. In 5dn, I took the ‘starts’ part of the clue to indicate the first two letters of Special Constable, but I guess it works either way.

    Cricket is never tame, by the way. Golf, yes, but cricket, never.

  2. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks, scchua, for an excellent blog to an excellent puzzle.

  3. Robi says:

    Thanks Orlando and scchua for an excellent blog.

    Forgot the sic=just so (again!) Took surprisingly long to get ARMY as I assumed regular soldiers was ‘or.’ By coincidence, TACIT was clued in the Rufus, too. Tom Cruise as a COSTUMIER gives a smile.

  4. Derek Lazenby says:

    I’d echo the first post.

    For 16, I don’t follow case as meaning extremes or ends of, had it been some use of encase then maybe
    Ditto for 15, stop as insert

    3 was too complicated for here. Fair enough in general, but I only got it as the only monk that fitted

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