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Guardian 25,295 / Arachne

Posted by mhl on 13th April 2011


An enjoyable and fairly easy puzzle from Arachne today.

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Independent 7636 by Dac

Posted by flashling on 13th April 2011


The usual exquisite clueing by Dac, some fantastic surfaces but lovely stuff as ever, one of his more gentle offerings.

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Financial Times 13,667 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on 13th April 2011


Yet another enjoyable puzzle from Cinephile, a nice mix of devices and a consistent level of difficulty across the puzzle. 

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Inquisitor 1171 – And a Prayer by Nutmeg

Posted by kenmac on 13th April 2011


What rotten luck, to have to blog a reasonably difficult Inquisitor in
a week where I had to drive to both Galway and Dublin for “all day”
appointments.  When I finally got time to sit still, the answers
were very slow to come.  I think this maybe caused panic to set in
and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.  A quick appeal to my
fellow bloggers brought forth a completed grid – thanks Hihoba.
So I’ve had to do this crossword backwards.

The pramble tells us that seven across answers plus seven down answers
are thematic and have to be anagrammed before entry. And the 10-letter
answer in the top row is entered normally but is also thematic.
It turns out that all the thematic answers are anagrams of birds and
the normally entered answer is both a fruit (from the clue) and a bird.
The table below shows the first significant words from the clues, the
answer and the bird (where appropriate.)
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