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Independent 7638 Morph (Sat 9-Apr-2011)

Posted by beermagnet on 16th April 2011


I’m not sure but I think this is his first grid in the Saturday Prize slot. I certainly found it tougher than usual for a Morph, (only 4 answers entered on first pass and only 9 after the first pint) and had to rely on slogging out the long anagrams to make progress, and that’s only right for a Prize Crossword.

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Guardian Prize 25,292 / Bonxie

Posted by Eileen on 16th April 2011


If I wanted to give a title to this puzzle, I think I’d simply borrow one of Shakespeare’s. :-)

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Enigmatic Variations No. 961 – Whither Goest Thou? by Charybdis

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 16th April 2011


That title, a grid with a big ‘X’ in the middle, and a preamble indicating that there were eight clashing cells, extra letters in word play would lead to instructions, and a ‘route’ to be highlighted – it all points to a treasure hunt, surely…’X’ marks the spot?

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