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Financial Times 13,673 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on April 20th, 2011


A (mostly) straightforward crossword today, with only one clue (14 across ) that I’m not happy about.  Enjoyable, good fun and no obscure words or archaic definitions, which is nice.

There have been so many themed crosswords recently that it comes as something of a relief to blog a plain simple crossword.  The ‘special instructions’ turned out not to be instructions at all but a simple  statement that the letters ‘FT’ appear four times in the grid, twice in the middle row and twice in the middle column, though this did have me wasting some time looking for something more complex.

Hold mouse over clue number to see clue, click solution for definition.

1 NOTICED the cake is ‘not iced’ – definition ‘marked’
5 BEDEWED EWE Died underneath BED (the sack)
9 BARBER OF SEVILLE Cryptic definition
11 REINS RINSE with the letter E (energy) moved up a few places (promoted) – a Hackney is a horse-drawn cab, so controlled by reins.
12 KNOSSOS KNOwS (recognises) without the W (wife) and SOS
14 SWINGER SINGER around With – The answer is confirmed by the cross-reference from 2dn, but I can’t come up with a good definition, some sort of obscure reference to sexual proclivitiy? Can anyone explain? ‘the other’ is a euphemism for sex, so a swinger is a person looking for sex, or ‘one after the other’.  Thanks to Gaufid and Andrew for this clever explanation.
15 PITFALL IT (she’s got ‘it’ – sex appeal) Female inside PALL (funeral cloth)
17 SHYLOCK SHY (retiring) and LOCK (to engage) – sounds like ‘famous loaner’ – Shylock is a money lender in The Merchant of Venice
19 U BEND B (note of the scale) inside gUnpowder (second) END (plot, as in ‘means to an end’).  Another parsing is N (note) inside gUnpowder (second) BED (plot, flower bed), thanks to Gaufrid for this altenative, and to my mind more natrual parsing.
20 OFFICE BOY OFF (out of supply) ICE (cocaine, drug) and YOB reversed
22 PIPPED AT THE POST PIP (star, button on military uniform) and (THATS OPTED)* after PE (training, physical excercise)
23 DISUSED DIED (late) around SUS (suspect)
24 PRESS ON opPRESS ONly (central characters of)
1 NIBLICK NIB (writer) and LICK (thrashing) – I’m not convinced the tenses match for ‘lick’ and ‘thrashing’
3 CREDO RED (socialist) inside CO (company)
4 DOODAHS DO and SHADOw (endless gloom) reversed
5 BUS PASS SUB (loan) reversed and PASS (decline to answer)
6 DIVERSIFY DIVERS IFfY (not sure) missing F (half ‘of’)
7 WELLINGTON BOOTS beef WELLINGTON and BOOTS (gives advantage to)
8 DRESSER Double definition
13 ST ANDREWS STAN (chap) DREW (pulled back) on Southern – golf course
15 PLUMPED Double definition
16 LEOPARD Cryptic definition – a leopard cannot change his spots
17 SOFT TOP SOFT (plastic) and POT (container) reversed – reference to an open-top car
18 KRYPTON Fictional planet and ex-home of Superman (Clark Kent). Superman flew (escaped) from Krypton just before its destruction.
21 CREWE CREW (boasted) over English – town in Cheshire, UK.


5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,673 by Monk”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi PeeDee
    You seem to have a slight problem with 8dn (no solution).

    Regarding 14ac, ‘the other’ is a euphemism for sex and a SWINGER is ‘one after the other’, or as Chambers puts it “a person engaging freely in sexual activity, usu in groups (informal)”.

    I had a different parsing for 19ac: N (note) in [g]U[npowder] BED (plot).

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks PeeDee

    Swingers are people who have sex with multiple partners, so are “after the other”. I thought it was quite a funny clue.

  3. Andrew says:

    It was a a Monk puzzle a couple of weeks ago that had the letters FT in every across answer, so this one’s “theme” was a bit tame in comparison. Remembering the previous one also made the hint a bit of a giveaway for me.

    I agree with Gaufrid about U-BEND, and with PeeDee about the dubiousness of LICK=THRASHING – surely it would have to be “licking”.

  4. PeeDee says:

    Thanks to Gaufrid and Andrew, the blog has been updated.

  5. Monk says:

    Profuse apologies for the error at 1dn. The first iteration of this puzzle grid had NIBLICKS, clued as Writer covering thrashing by clubs (7), in which Chambers has the plural licks, n. = a thrashing. When changing the grid to the final version, NIBLICKS became NIBLICK and I simply pulled the above clue from the database, changed clubs to club, and carelessly assumed that I had a sound clue. [PeeDee: I hadn’t seen the “special instructions” before today, so presume that the puzzle was deemed to be a little too hard for less-expert solvers, who would benefit from the hint.]

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