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Inquisitor 1172: Inventor/Invention by Loda

Posted by HolyGhost on April 20th, 2011


Back from a week’s walking north of Alnwick, and after the ‘moorland treks’ provided by the previous two puzzles, this one was more of ‘a stroll on the beach’.
Across clues have a misprint in the definition, correct letters providing information from which we can deduce how to enter the answers to down clues. The two central columns are unclued, and contain thematic material.

Lots of clues solved on the first pass, enough to enter some down answers as normal and others upwards. (I have a sense that there were rather a lot of anagrams, plus a number of indications to pick out initial letters of words, or the odd-numbered letters, for example.) The corrections soon allowed a guess of SESQUICENTARY OF ___TH (BIRth/DEAth). Tripping merrily along (and glad that having no recourse to a computer for CD-ROMs or Internet was not a hindrance), before long I had just a couple of answers to go, and could fit ELISHA OTIS/SAFETY ELEVATOR running up then down the central columns, which confirmed that half the down answers were entered up and half down.

(E.Otis, 1811-61, and the misprints spelt … OF DEATH – an initial thought was that some variant of BICENTARY OF BIRTH could have worked just as well, but now I see that he died on 8th April, so this 150th anniversary was only one day out.)

No. Answer Corrected
1 SOUL lungs [BLOUSE – BE]*
4 WAFTAGES ether WAGES (=pledges) around AFT (=back)
11 ASIDE QT AS (=like) + I + (woul)D + (sn)E(ak)
14 SESTET unit [SET {twice}]*
15 SALSA hip SAL + SA(l) (=two trees)
16 YOUTHS cubs (cocc)Y(x) + [SHOUT]*
17 UNSEAT throne [TUNE + (Gl)AS(tonbury)]*
19 ESTATE rank EST (=is, Latin) + A (=they) + TE (=note)
22 ENROL list [LOOKER – OK (=well) + N(eedle)]*
23 EGER bore EG (=for example) + (Sund)ER(land)
25 DISC sun‘s D(evelop) I(ntroduce) S(tep-up) C(lasses)
27 AEGIS pelta GI (=serviceman) in SEA (=China perhaps) rev.
29 PERISH croak PER (=by means of) + [HIS]*
31 VANISH coney VAN (=at the front) + I (=one) + SH (=quiet)
32 AGATES brooch A(merican) + GATES (=swingers)
34 TIBET of [BITE + T(ongue)]*
36 SWITCH ride WITCH (=hag) & S(ucceeded) switched
37 TREAD step T(emperature) + READ (=study)
38 LOVABLE Mandy’s [BALL + OVER – R(ight)]*
{Mandy = Amanda = lovable}
39 STUMPERS wicket [PESTS + RUM]*
40 TAIL herd [AL(l) IT]*
No. Answer Direction Wordplay
2 LULU up L(ight) + U(nits) {twice}
3 LESSEN down ESSE (=actual existence) in LN (=logarithm)
7 ASTUTE down UTE (=native American) after CAST (=mould) – C(loudy)
8 HIDE up Triple definition
9 SENSE down SEN (=senza, without) + S(ens)E
12 IOTA down I(tem) (d)O(wn) (ra)T(ing) (ess)A(ys)
13 HANKIE down HANK (=loop) + IE (=that is)
18 ARMS down RMS (=root mean square) after A(sh)
20 AGES up CAGES (=imprisons) – C(ocaine)
21 TEASER down TEASEL (=what raises nap) with R for L (=changing hands)
24 LEATHER up LET (=allow) + HER (=the lady) around A
26 MASTIC up [M(y) CAT IS]*
28 TAHINI up Hidden: (Bahra)IN I HAT(e) rev.
29 PARTS down PARENTS (=mums and dads) – EN (=nut)
30 RAPE down Double definition
33 TRUG up R (=recipe =take) in TUG (=yank)
35 ABIB up A(ustralian) + BIB (=drink)


One Response to “Inquisitor 1172: Inventor/Invention by Loda”

  1. Hi of hihoba says:

    Like HolyGhost I solved this without recourse to internet, being in the caravan in Sussex at the time. I found it a bit more of a struggle than HG, and took ages to understand the M(i)andy clue, though I had the answer quite quickly!
    I was rather dubious about 27A where the type of protection afforded by a pelta (shield) is rather different from my understanding of aegis, which I took to be protection (patronage) from a person rather than an object.
    Good crossword though and a nice idea with the up and down answers.

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