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Financial Times 13,674 / Bradman

Posted by smiffy on 21st April 2011


Unusually scant annotation required for a Bradman puzzle, I felt; with most of the wordplay being nifty rather than nefarious.  A flurry of geographic answers and elements, coupled with an absence of any literary allusions,played to my solving strengths today.

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Independent 7,648/Tees

Posted by Ali on 21st April 2011


Hmmm, I’ve got mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I would have liked to have had more time at it (on a Bank Holiday for example!), but a lack of solving time is nobody’s issue but mine. On the other hand, whilst the general consensus around these parts seems to be that the key clue in puzzles like this shouldn’t be a gimme, I’m of the opinion that it also shouldn’t be too obscure, and once I’d eventually given up on 6D and cheated to get the answer, I would have hoped to have understood it. I didn’t. And still don’t, which has unavoidably marred my enjoyment of the rest of it.

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Guardian 25,302 – Chifonie

Posted by Andrew on 21st April 2011


My spooky synchronicity with Chifonie continues as I get another of his puzzles to blog. As usual it’s a pleasant enough solve (though with two examples of defining a place by “in X”, and a couple of other niggles), but not very challenging. There’s the usual high proportion of charades and easy anagrams.

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