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Enigmatic Variations 962: Depicting the South by Kruger

Posted by Dave Hennings on April 22nd, 2011

Dave Hennings.

A fairly straightforward puzzle this week, certainly one of Kruger’s easier ones … perhaps to help us meet the one day earlier deadline. What’s more, no extra letters, words or misprints to worry about!

Pretty much everything was spelled out for us in the preamble. Some answers wouldn’t fill their entry space, and then three blocks of cells needed to be relocated, presumably into those empty spaces. This was helped by the unclued light, HADRIAN’S WALL across the middle of the grid. Thus three Scotsmen, ANGUS, HAMISH and CALUM, hidden in the South of the grid, needed to be relocated to the North … and the South is dePICTed!

A very entertaining puzzle from Kruger, and a nice piece of grid construction.

Solving time: just under the hour.

ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden
Definition in clue
Scotsmen before they are moved
Scotsmen after they are moved

1 GOTHAM Barbarian almost attacked (6)
GOT(H) (Barbarian)
5 ISHTAR Insight to fight sailor (6)
2 meanings
11 MOORED Made fast, low squadron (6)
MOO (low) RED (squadron)
12 DAGO Perhaps man from Lisbon‘s an eccentric with nothing on (4)
DAG (eccentric) + O (nothing)
13 ALUMNUS Star backed organisation for undergraduates (7)
SUN< (star)
14 URANIN In Nunavut Territory returning rain dissolved salt (6)
RAIN* in NU (Nunavut Territory)
15 APPORT It may be seen at seance — a headless relation (6)
(R)APPORT (relation)
16 TITAN Contemptible person‘s bird (5)
2 meanings
17 GUSTIER Ribbon on back of hair is rank (7)
TIE (ribbon) + R (back of haiR)
19 AGRIMONY Unappealing ring in one unspecified herb (8)
GRIM (unappealing) O (ring) in ANY (one unspecified)
24 CHOKING Blocking feature about satisfactory start to glasnost (7)
CHIN (feature) about OK (satisfactory) + G (start to Glasnost)
26 AMICE I’m about wearing excellent cloak (5)
I’M< wearing ACE (excellent)
29 OARING Rowing and shouting with no end of rancour (6)
ROARING (shouting) – R (end of rancouR)
32 MOLAL A mixture of loam with a bit of leaf-mould containing a certain amount of substance (5)
LOAM* + L (bit of leaf-mould)
35 EARN Gain by Labour in ballot box, we hear (4)
sounds like URN (ballot-box)
38 WIELDER He exerts power with island tribal administrator (7)
W (with) I (island) ELDER (tribal administrator)
39 VALUE The world accepts uranium’s price (5)
VALE (the world) holding U (uranium)
40 SLEDGER Cook may be distracted by this man‘s deformed red legs (7)
(RED LEGS)*; a reference to cricket, I think!
41 DAMN Old copper coin — not originally something of little value (4)
DAM (old copper coin) + N (Not originally)
42 BHUTAN Temporarily accommodation in Britain and anonymous kingdom (6)
HUT (temporary accommodation) in B (Britain) AN (anonymous)
43 GUSSET Guests smashed plate (6)
1 GO DUTCH Share the cost of fare with wife (7, 2 WORDS)
GO (fare) + DUTCH (wife)
2 TOGATED Will’s wearing Roman garment to go, initially, with fancy date (7)
TO + G (Go initially) + DATE*
3 ARCING Wanton person‘s prank (6)
2 meanings
4 MEAN Space: the beginnings of endless nothingness (4)
EN (beginnings of Endless Nothingness)
6 SOUPS Work, in short, is out of print (5)
OP (out of print)
7 HUMP Pastor follows United all the way (4)
P (pastor) after U (united)
8 TON With close cut hair is back in fashion (3)
NOT< (with close cut hair)
9 AZURE Arizona river’s blue (5)
AZ (Arizona) + URE (river)
10 ROSTRAL Rook’s left holding roast nuts near to mouth (7)
R (rook) L (left) holding ROAST*
11 MARID Departs from European city showing spirit (5)
MADRID (European city) – D (departs)
17 GRANGE Unfamiliar street’s forgotten in American strip of townships (6)
STRANGE (unfamiliar) – ST (street)
18 TOW Synthetic fibres for rope (3)
2 meanings
19 ARK Model has no money in chest (3)
MARK (model) – M (money)
20 INGO Perhaps Jones is disheartened in Macdonald’s entrance (4)
IN(I)GO (Jones)
21 NAIL Third of trainers entering nothing in plate (4)
A (third of trAiners) in NIL (nothing)
23 SAM Book is almost unchanged (2)
SAM(E) (unchanged); reference to the Book of Samuel
24 COBWEB Something that obscures lump on roll of paper (6)
COB (lump) + WEB (roll of paper)
25 ORIEL Window in wrecked oiler (5)
27 MONADS Upset, moans about distillery’s foremost spirits (6)
MOANS* about D (Distillery’s foremost)
28 ELUENT Fairy possibly instils some light energy into part of hospital (6)
LU (some light, ie lumen) E (energy) in ENT (part of hospital, ie Ear, Nose and Throat); reference to Fairy Liquid, washing up product
30 AMISH Belonging to strict sect, friend’s extremely standoffish (5)
AMI (friend) + SH (extremely StandoffisH)
31 INLET Contents of chain letters entrance (5)
in chaIN LETters
33 ALUM Double salt in potato (mashed at first) (4)
ALU (potato) + M (Mashed at first)
34 EDDA 50% of addendum is back to front in ancient books (4)
ADDE< (half of ADDEndum)
36 AREG 100 square metres: the heart of Negev’s moving dunes (4)
ARE (100 square metres) + G (heart of neGev)
37 ALAS Troy’s not included in geographical publication, unfortunately (4)
ATLAS (geographical publication) – T (Troy)

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