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Quiptic 597/Nutmeg

Posted by Pierre on 25th April 2011


Called off the bench by Gaufrid as substitute blogger.  I suspect the difficulty is that the Guardian website is still showing last week’s puzzle.  Anyway, if anyone does access the crossword, then this is my (very quick, since I’m trying to multi-task) take on what I thought was a good Quiptic, with only one or two trickier clues.

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Independent 7651 / Nestor

Posted by Gaufrid on 25th April 2011


A generally straightforward puzzle though I needed on-line assistance to work out part of the parsing in 6dn and 14ac had me completely beaten but I think I have now worked out the wordplay (I could well be wrong so any other suggestions would be welcome).

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Guardian 25,305 / Rufus

Posted by duncanshiell on 25th April 2011


As I am double booked with another commitment early this morning, I was a bit worried that Easter Monday was going to produce a Guardian humdinger with a double grid and a complex theme.  I therefore got up fairly early in case I needed a long time to solve the puzzle.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 441 – Escape kettle

Posted by beermagnet on 25th April 2011


There’s always a bit of fun to be found in the Eye, and the crossword is the icing on the cake in the back pages. This puzzle was in the usual style and while I hesitate to say it was on the easy side, as I didn’t finish it in one session, I noted that I had 19 answers in place after the first pass which is possibly a record. Unfortunately one proved to be wrong (11/12). Nevertheless, that was most of the grid, and the last few weren’t, in retrospect, too hard, but I had a real blind spot with 28A Shares which I had to leave to reconsider another day.

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