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Guardian 25,307 – Brendan

Posted by Andrew on 27th April 2011


It’s been a while since I blogged a Brendan puzzle, so it was a delight to get this – one where every across clue includes the word “queen”, used in various ways, including some actual female monarchs but with some other variations. As usual with Brendan I found it mostly quite straightforward, but with lots of entertainment along the way.

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Independent 7652/Anax

Posted by John on 26th April 2011


Poor old Anax keeps on getting me at the moment. This wasn’t nearly so hard as his offering last week; the theme, which became clear when the long clue at 16ac was solved, was more to my liking (many of the down answers are thematic) but there are still two words that I can’t find in Chambers or the lists of the thematic things in Chambers Crossword Dictionary. Anax has kindly used thematic words that usually have other meanings, so it is possible to do this crossword without knowledge of the theme.

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Financial Times 13677 Armonie

Posted by scchua on 26th April 2011


This was quite a smooth solve, except for 7A which held me up for a bit.  In fact the “spare” time from the faster completion, was spent in embellishing (maybe too much, in restrospect) the blog.  But no complaints on my side, and thanks to Armonie – nice surface readings in the clues.

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Guardian 25306 Gordius … TO LET

Posted by Uncle Yap on 26th April 2011

Uncle Yap.

Two weeks ago, I apologised for using Dr Livingstone, I presume? in the headline. I further added Green Eggs and Ham,the title of Dr Zeuss’s classic as an example of something totally unrelated. However, as luck would have it, Pasquale’s theme that day was meals and suddenly my title (pre-written before I even downloaded the puzzle) became another source of contention. If that be the case, I apologise again for unwittingly “spoiling”. I shall henceforth listen to the advice of Gaufrid and not include any title to my blog.

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Quiptic 597/Nutmeg

Posted by Pierre on 25th April 2011


Called off the bench by Gaufrid as substitute blogger.  I suspect the difficulty is that the Guardian website is still showing last week’s puzzle.  Anyway, if anyone does access the crossword, then this is my (very quick, since I’m trying to multi-task) take on what I thought was a good Quiptic, with only one or two trickier clues.

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Independent 7651 / Nestor

Posted by Gaufrid on 25th April 2011


A generally straightforward puzzle though I needed on-line assistance to work out part of the parsing in 6dn and 14ac had me completely beaten but I think I have now worked out the wordplay (I could well be wrong so any other suggestions would be welcome).

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Guardian 25,305 / Rufus

Posted by duncanshiell on 25th April 2011


As I am double booked with another commitment early this morning, I was a bit worried that Easter Monday was going to produce a Guardian humdinger with a double grid and a complex theme.  I therefore got up fairly early in case I needed a long time to solve the puzzle.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 441 – Escape kettle

Posted by beermagnet on 25th April 2011


There’s always a bit of fun to be found in the Eye, and the crossword is the icing on the cake in the back pages. This puzzle was in the usual style and while I hesitate to say it was on the easy side, as I didn’t finish it in one session, I noted that I had 19 answers in place after the first pass which is possibly a record. Unfortunately one proved to be wrong (11/12). Nevertheless, that was most of the grid, and the last few weren’t, in retrospect, too hard, but I had a real blind spot with 28A Shares which I had to leave to reconsider another day.

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Beelzebub 1104

Posted by Jed on 24th April 2011


Another tough call this week from the prince of the fallen angels

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Independent on Sunday 1105 by Raich

Posted by Uncle Yap on 24th April 2011

Uncle Yap.

I have always found Quixote to be scrupulously fair and Ximenean so when I approached this first non-Quixote puzzle in this series, I was filled with a bit of trepidation. My fear, alas, was justified. Many of Raich’s clues, if entered in any of the rpc competitions, would have been politely but firmly rejected. There seemed to be quite a few extraneous words that were also rather obtrusive. I am not exactly enthralled by Raich.

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Azed 2029

Posted by Andrew on 24th April 2011


I finished about three-quarters of this quite quickly and without aids, but finishing it off was a bit more of a struggle. As usual I had to do quite a lot of Chambers-trawling to confirm all the details of some obscure words. Clever and high-quality clueing as always from Azed.

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Everyman crossword No 3,368

Posted by PeterO on 24th April 2011


This did not strike me as a top-notch Everyman. There are several simple charades where the answer is two words (or one word articulating naturally into two parts), and the wordplay just defines the two parts separately; I feel 2D and 15D are weak, and 22D seems faulty. I do like 1A, 20A, 9D and particularly 5D. As a whole, the puzzle has something of the feel of a Rufus.Thanks to Tor for being the first to point out my errors. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 7,644 by Tyrus (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 16/04/11)

Posted by Simon Harris on 23rd April 2011

Simon Harris.

A strange one this. Certainly very tough, and I found it hard to get any momentum going. Spotting the theme late didn’t help, of course. In fact, there are elements of it that still don’t quite gel for me, and I’m left with the feeling that I’m missing something rather key.

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Guardian Prize puzzle 25,298 by Paul

Posted by PeeDee on 23rd April 2011


Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,298 by Paul.  I find Paul’s style becoming more and more like Araucaria as the time goes on, though thankfully without some of Araucaria’s idiosyncrasies.   While writing this blog I initially put Araucaria’s name at the top, mistakenly thinking it was by him.   Whichever, it was a super puzzle and I enjoyed it all the way.

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Independent 7,649 / Phi

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 22nd April 2011


Solving today’s crossword has made a not insignificant contribution to my vocabulary, both for new words in the language (such as at 6 and 15) and for words which have doubtless been around for a lot longer (such as at 8 and 18). In three out of these four cases, I worked out the solution from the wordplay, although I didn’t know the acronym in 8 either and had to search Chambers for the solution to complete the puzzle.

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