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Azed 2030

Posted by John on May 1st, 2011


The usual utterly sound and satisfactory puzzle from Azed.

1 FIREPLUG — discharging = fire, bolt = gulp, which reversed is plug. A fireplug is a hydrant: one is misled by the word hydrant, which is one of the Chambers abbreviations for h that Azed might have used
7 skittiSH A Harem
10 FLAGITATE — florin briefly is fl, beg = agitate; not a word one uses daily
11 SPIV — (VIPs)rev. — one thinks of a spiv as someone like Walker in Dad’s Army, but one of the meanings tucked away in Chambers is this one
13 GRASS — 2 defs, as in meadow-grass and also grass the noun as in grass up; canary also means informer (sl)
14 CUMQUAT — cum = with, a quat is a pimple (now dialect)
16 SNEER it has to be, but I can’t explain it properly: OK sneer = scoff, s = seconds, ne = not once (ie not (obs)), but how is ‘er’ = ‘on offer’? Perhaps Azed’s attitude to ‘on’ is like that of The Times and A on B = BA, in which case this is the wrong approach. Perhaps neer = ne’er, but what then does the ‘on offer’ mean? It can’t be a reference to Ozymandias‘s ‘sneer of cold command’? (Of course not: just an excuse to provide a link to a wonderful poem, and this comes from someone who isn’t all that excited by poetry)
17 RETIRE — E(rite)R, all reversed
18 SCALE STAIR — ales replacing o in Scot, air = look; a scale stair is a Scottish term meaning stairs in straight flights
20 LUXURIATES — (a Lurex suit)*
22 CLAMBE — C(lamb)e, a Spenserian past tense of climb
24 ARGUS — an argus is a vigilant watcher whose origins lie in Greek mythology; and it’s also a pheasant of SE Asia, which explains the ‘Bird watcher’, and it’s argu{e}s, and argue = prove, as a corner of Chambers shows
27 REMOUNT — r (= take) (men out)*
29 UN{w}ARY
30 SLAE — a Scottish form of the word sloe, and “slay”; stonker is, although one thinks of it as a noun, also a verb
32 HYEN — a Shakespearean form of the word hyena, and it’s (Hen{r}y)*, ie Henry shunned by king
33 END ANGER — if you end anger then you perhaps cool off
1 FISC — if the f is c in fast it becomes cast (= formulated) — a nice device Azed often uses
2 IMP UNDUL{ating} U
3 RHIME — I’m in (her)* — an obsolete spelling of rhyme
4 PLEURA — P (la rue)* — at first I thought Azed had made a slip here, since a pleura is a side-piece whose plural is pleurae, but when I looked more closely I saw that a pleuron is a side-wall and its plural is pleura
5 LAVALLIERE — laval (I reel)* — aval means relating to a grandparent, hence the maybe
6 dancinG I GUEss
7 STRETTE — tret in (set)* — strette is the plural of stretta, which is a musical term meaning a passage, esp a coda, in quicker time
8 Harbour Arrive After Fishing, an &lit.
9 HESPERUS — (she)* Peru s — Venus as the evening star
12 STREAMERED — (reed’s a term)*
15 TRIBUNATE — (a nub)rev. in trite
16 SELCOUTH — (clues to)* h — an obsolete (‘no longer’) term for strange
21 TAMARA — 2 defs, one of them the Caucasian name, which hasn’t really reached the West, probably because of the association with the very mannish Soviet athlete Tamara Press
23 BAY L{anguag}E — a variant of bail, one of whose meanings = barrier
25 GU{ard} LAG
26 GARE — 2 defs, a gare as a French station, also a Scottish word meaning greedy or miserly
28 T EAR — ref Robert Tear, the great tenor who died this year

2 Responses to “Azed 2030”

  1. grandpuzzler says:

    Thanks, John, for your blog. I parsed 16ac as S + NE’ER and disregarded the rest of the clue – I have that luxury. Tamara Press – Wow! What a blast from the past. I do vividly recall her manly heaves at the 60 Olympics.


  2. bridgesong says:

    John, I’m with Grandpuzzler on 16ac. All you can say is that “on offer” adds to the surface reading, by reference to the other meaning of “scoff”. I think that Homer has nodded on this one. Thanks for elucidating 1 down; I knew that it was one of those words, but couldn’t understand “formulated”.

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