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Independent on Sunday 1106, by Glowworm

Posted by jetdoc on May 1st, 2011


This was perhaps at the more challenging end of the spectrum for Independent on Sunday puzzles, but nevertheless reasonably straightforward.

1 HOPELESS Henry slopes off without sweetheart, dejected
H = Henry (SI unit of inductance); *(slopes E), E being the heart of ‘sweet’
5 MALADY Disorder from two women
MA, LADY = two women (though I’m not sure I like MA as a woman)
9 AGNOSTIC He claims ignorance of one among certain defects on gadgets returned
I = one; in letters hidden in ‘defects on gadgets’, reversed
10 CARIES College sign’s rotting
C = college; Aries = the Ram, sign of the zodiac. Decay, especially of teeth
12 TIGER Formidable opponent beginning to get in step
G = beginning to ‘get’; in TIER = step
13 DEFEATISM Belief about accomplishment shows pessimism
DEISM = belief; FEAT = accomplishment
14 CRAGGY Rough, Charlie, rough (6) Fresh idea about narrow entrance to kitchen
C = Charlie; RAGGY = rough
16 RETHINK Fresh idea about narrow entrance to kitchen
RE = about; THIN = narrow; K = entrance to kitchen
19 COCHLEA Shell out for chocolate— “hints” of orange and tangerine being de trop
*(CHCOLAE), i.e. ‘chocolate’ minus O and T. Anything spiral-shaped, esp a snail-shell; the spiral cavity of the inner ear
21 HERETO An hour before, most of covering goes on to this
H = hour; ERE = before; TO[p] = most of covering
23 ILLEGALLY The Italian member to join forces in a manner contrary to the rules
IL = Italian definite article; LEG = member; ALLY = join forces
25 WORSE No better wife to receive hybrid rose
W = wife; *(rose)
26 EARWIG Scramble American Government wire tap
*(AG wire). Two names for an eavesdropping device
27 DIVIDERS Princess’s basic education? See inside screens!
DI = Princess; RS = basic education (the three Rs); VIDE = see
28 YES MEN Sycophants surround girl with pony-tail and nice nose
ESME = girl; Y = pony tail; N = nose of ‘nice’
29 HEATHENS Pagans may do this for Sunday lunch!
For Sunday lunch, people might roast chickens, or heat hens.
1 HEALTH Toast brioche, although only partially
Hidden in ‘brioche, although’. Deceptive use of two meanings of ‘toast’
2 PANEGYRIC Affectedly repaying Commons’ leader for eulogy
*(repaying C).
3 LASER Cleanse ears regularly in powerful light
Alternative letters of ‘cLeAnSe EaRs’ (indicated by ‘regularly’)
4 SPIN-DRY Speedily rotate prickly medic in …
SPINY = prickly; DR = medic
6 ALABASTER … Basra — tale about “soft rock”?
*(Basra tale). A soft, semi-transparent massive gypsum, widely used for ornamental purposes
7 ALIBI Excuse from Cohen’s alter ego no good and somewhat brief
Ali G without G (good); BI[t], I think — ‘a bit’ can mean ‘somewhat’.
I don’t really like ‘excuse’ for ‘alibi’, though Chambers does give it as ‘(inf)’ — an alibi says “I couldn’t have done it: I was elsewhere”; an excuse says “I did it, but I had good reason to”.
8 YASHMAKS A shy mask to be worn — or several of them?
*(A shy mask). Yashmak
11 AFAR Seafarer’s no clairvoyant at a distance
‘SeAFARer’, minus ‘seer’
15 GELIGNITE Explosive, for example, breaking up brown coal
GE = ‘e.g.’ reversed (for which ‘up’ can be used in a down clue); LIGNITE = brown coal
17 INTERFERE Step in before bother with Six Counties arises
ERE = before; FRET = bother; NI = Northern Ireland; all reversed
18 ACTIVELY Briskly do Glow-worm’s laundry — only the external items!
ACT = do; IVE = I’ve (the setter has); L[aundr]Y
20 AXLE Rod’s drink spiked with an unidentified something
ALE = drink; X = an unknown
21 HAYRIDE Keep secret about Scottish town’s pleasure jaunt
HIDE = keep secret; AYR = town in Scotland: Ayr. A pleasure ride in a hay wagon
22 TEASES Meals ’e’s providing for kids
TEAS = meals; ES (I don’t really like the use of an apostrophe for a dropped H, to make an anagram work, though)
24 LARKS Escapades of high-fliers?
Double definition
25 WHIST Man’s within restricted weight for this game
HIS = Man’s; WT restricted weight.
A card game played by two against two, in which the object is to take a majority of the thirteen tricks, each trick over six scoring one point.

4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1106, by Glowworm”

  1. flashling says:

    Yes Jetdoc, surprising how the new setters make Sundays more challenging, not to decry Quixote but with the different styles it makes it trickier to do the blog. Agree with the reservation about 5ac.

  2. caretman says:

    Thanks, Jetdoc, I agree that this was a more challenging Sunday than the last few. I agree with a couple of your quibbles, and add one for 16 ac, where the definition gives a noun while the solution is a verb. Granted, English turns verbs into nouns all the time (as well as the reverse) and there’s probably a dictionary that gives RETHINK as a noun, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. (Fuddyduddy, me? Never!)

    But there were some good clues here. I particularly liked 19 ac and 27 ac, and I enjoyed the exposure to a new setter; every setter seems to approach the art of cluing from different directions and thus keep us on our toes. So thanks, Glowworm.

  3. TokyoColin says:

    Interesting (caretman@2). I have only heard RETHINK used as a noun. “We’ve had a rethink”, “after a rethink” etc. The verb form would be “think again”, or “have a rethink”. Maybe Glowworm listens to the same people…

  4. Glow-worm says:

    Many thanks for your comments — Quixote is a respected and hard act to follow, but I’m glad you enjoyed a different experience!

    Not just “a dictionary”, Caretman, but Collins (our editor’s preferred source), Chambers, Oxford et al all give both verb and noun for RETHINK….

    Best wishes to all


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