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Financial Times 13,676 / Falcon

Posted by Agentzero on May 5th, 2011


FT Monday Prize Crossword of 25 April 2011

Pretty straightforward, but the clues were concise and pleasing.  13 down was a new word for me, which I had to guess at by playing around with the anagram fodder.  Favourite clue was the &lit. at 15 down.

1 OVERCAST OVER (responsible for) CAST (actors)
5 WITH IT WIT (intelligence) HIT (strike)
9 FRICTION R (king) in FICTION (false story)
10 ECLAIR CLAIRE (girl) with the last letter (E) moved to first position
11 LOOK INTO KIN (family) in LOOT (play) O (first from Orton) “Loot” is a play by Joe Orton, so it was a nice touch to use his name in the wordplay (although it is his third, not first, play).
12 DEBRIS *(BRIDE) + S (bit of sex)
14 BRAINSTORM B (leader in boat) RAINSTORM (squall)
18 ON THE WAGON *(WHAT ONE) + NO G[ood], reversed
22 ALL-OUT ALL (everyone) OUT (on strike)
24 IN TOTO IN (at home) TOT (small child) O (love)
25 OLEANDER O (circle) + N (northern) in LEADER (newspaper article)
26 APOLLO A POLL (count) O (old)
27 GOLD DUST GO (leave) + DD (theologian) in LUST (desire)
1 OFFALY OFFAL (waste) Y (unknown amount)
2 EDISON D (onset of dotage) IS in *(ONE)
3 CUTS IT CUT (trim) SIT (model)
4 SHORTBREAD SHORT (lacking) BREAD (money)
7 HEADROOM HEAD (boss) ROOM (range)
15 MONA LISA *(A MAN + OILS) an &lit. clue
16 STILETTO LIT (drunk) reversed in SET-TO (fight)
17 REBUTTAL BUTT (mark) in REAL (genuine)
19 WIZARD W (western) IZARD (chamois)
20 LANDAU LAND (acquire) AU (gold)
21 FERRET dd

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,676 / Falcon”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Agentzero. This was very good.

    RITORNELLO and OFFALY were new to me and I doubted if there could be any place with such an Awfully silly name but there really was. I must not underestimate my Irish ancestors.

    Otherwise perfectly straightforward.

    Thanks Falcon.

  2. bamberger says:

    I also failed on Ritornello & Offaly but also didn’t know Izard was a chamois.

    Thanks for clarifying.

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